Paige Spiranac Fans Turn Their Attention To Her Mom

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Possibly tiring from shooting their shots at Instagram golfer Paige Spiranac, fired-up fans have now turned their attention to her mother, Annette. Thursday, the golfer with 3.3 million Instagram fans dumped out several of her DMs, including one fan looking to connect with mom who was featured in a Mother’s Day social media post that sent guys into a frenzy.

“Is your mom single by chance?” the fan wrote. “I’m closer to her age then (SIC) yours. Just throwing that out there. Have her call me,” Mr. Casanova added.

Paige Spiranac mom DM
Paige Spiranac’s fans have turned their attention to hitting on her mom / via Instagram Story

Hey, it’s worth a shot, but according to Internet sleuths who track such details, Annette is still married to dad, Dan, who played college football for the University of Pittsburgh.

Maybe something will change and you’ll be at the top of the rebound list. You might as well keep trying, but you should know what you’re up against in Paige’s DMs.

In 2020, Spiranac revealed the DMs that catch her attention and the ones that drive her crazy.

“I hate when someone will just send, ‘Hey,’ or ‘How are you,’ ‘What’s up.’ I want to laugh, I want to be entertained, I want to have a connection from the very start, to start a conversation,” the 29-year-old golf influencer said at the time. “It’s so hard when someone says, ‘Hey.’ What do you say back to that, you know? You can’t do anything.”

Lesson learned, fellas. Work on your game.

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