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That definitely wasn’t the smoke bomb fireworks pack I typically buy for the kids

We’re at that point in life with our 10-year-old son where he knows some of his friends’ fathers go out to the fireworks store to buy a grocery bag full of fireworks that they light off in the streets. We’re more observers than buyers. I’m cool with the neighborhood guys blowing the money.

I’ll heat the pool for the neighborhood kids. They can handle the 4th.

So I went to our local Meijer store — it’s pretty much a big Kroger with more focus on general store than grocery store — where I picked up the simple $25 fireworks variety pack. I was in a hurry and just figured there were the typical smoke bombs, pop guns and sparklers as I’ve purchased for the kids in the past.

Then I start setting off the tubes and I quickly figured out this wasn’t like years past. We have actual firecrackers blasting off for 30 seconds and sparks firing off in all directions.

It was a win all around.

The kids got enough action. I wasn’t lectured about buying fireworks and the night ended with zero injuries and I have enough fingers to hammer out a July 5 Screencaps.


  1. Around dusk, we were out back sitting on the patio talking about how quiet the neighborhood was this year. We’re pretty much encased by retirees or people nearing retirement with kids that have long hit the road. There’s not much action. Then out of nowhere, commercial-grade fireworks start shooting off over a house a street over. They just kept coming from a house with little kids. We’re talking a house where the father has never given any indication he’s going to put on a legit fireworks show. Last night was a game-changer. We officially have action.
  2. I’m excited to see people bitching on the neighborhood Facebook page about the fireworks. That should be some solid entertainment.
  3. What a horrible night it must’ve been for those who hate this country. Hope it was the longest night of their lives.
  4. It’s already July 5. This month is flying.
  5. MY Reds have a one-game N.L. Central lead on July 5. Incredible.
  6. ESPN GameDay is really going to have a new look. Writer Gene Wojciechowski revealed that he was a casualty of the June 30 ESPN layoffs. David Pollack and WoJo are officially out.
  7. College football starts Aug. 26.
  8. Cocaine just appears out of thin air in the White House?
  9. I’m not sure why there were so many changes with Twitter over the weekend, but they’re not ideal. However, we will survive and advance. Supposedly, I can only see 800 tweets per day with a basic account. We’ll see if I surpass that limit. I might have no choice but to spend the $8 per month to see like 8,000 tweets per day.
  10. It wasn’t as hard to get up this morning as I envisioned. This has to be a sign of getting old.
  11. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Ronald Acuna is on a rather impressive streak you might want to keep an eye on this week.

‘I love this country’

• Those are the words of Kevin in Toboso, OH, who adds:

Thank you to all the men and women from 1776 to present who have served and died for our freedoms. 

We are truly blessed. Despite all the morons who are in Washington DC, and the woke, corrupt MSM, this is still the place that everyone in the world would rather be. We are still kicking butt and taking names.

Watched some “Miracle On Ice” documentaries this morning while starting our brisket and have been juiced all day. USA, USA, USA. Will never forget laying on my parents’ orange shag carpet next to the wood burner watching that game and crying with joy as a nine-year-old kid. It was and is what makes sports in America awesome.

Thanks again for creating a place where regular folks can come get some respite from the insanity. 

God Bless our troops and the true American way of life!

Tennessee Man burns down a house by shooting bottle rockets out the front door

Let’s go to Blount County, TN on Sunday morning at around 11:30 a.m. That’s when police say Stephen Wallen was launching the bottle rockets out the front door when he burned down his friend’s house that was recently sold for $60,000.

Fighting back against the bots

• John from SD writes:

Finally got one of these:

‘What’s the best thing on Twitter since Musk took over?’

• Joey P. asks:

What would say is your favorite thing about Twitter since Elon Musk took over?  Mine would be that the whole “What’s Happening?” feature is not some Leftist propaganda piece designed to influence opinion anymore.


Not sure. But see above if you’re looking for what I don’t like. Also, TweetDeck is a mess and asking for logins. I’m just looking for some peace and quiet out of that app from a functionality standpoint. Content doesn’t trigger me too much these days. I’ve seen quite a bit over the 14 years that I’ve been using the app. I’m numb to most of the controversial stuff.

Travel Ball Hardo Chris B. and I see eye-to-eye on attending the LLWS

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

With the age that your kids are, going to the LLWS would be great (and you can tell your 10-year-old that he is playing on the same size field as those 12-13-year-olds!). 

I know you’re philosophically opposed to select ball, but I highly recommend you try to find a way to get your son on a team that plays at Cooperstown Dreams Park when he is 12.  It’s really a fabulous baseball experience.  We’ve been talking about Banana Ball around my house lately. 

We, unfortunately, missed their tour stop in Houston but may have to make a trip to Savannah.  And that wiffle ball tourney sounds fantastic.  You have great ideas for trips with your kids!  We just got back from a very nice long weekend in Cozumel.  The first pic is my kids sitting at the end of the hotel pier.

Sea Island construction

• JT N. is the New England-based conservatory installer whose work has been featured on Screencaps a few times over the years. JT and the crew are back with their latest installation, this time on Sea Island, Georgia.

JT writes:

Last one we did in Georgia, crazy hot there but they keep the beer cold. 

Living the RV life

• Kevin in Gibsonia, PA writes:

Took the rolling patio to 1000 Islands, New York. Another beautiful place in this great country.

Well done

• Clayton W. spotted this one:


• Lee D. wants you guys to get on this level:


Asi salia el vacio en el Hipódromo de Palermo @Los Pinos Ham

♬ Ella Baila Sola – Eslabon Armado & Peso Pluma

That should be enough to get you guys fired up for another day of work. I know you’re tired. I know you’re thinking about how we’ve made it to the dog days of summer, but you can’t let that rat poison into your head. Eliminate it. You have to forge on toward your next summer vacation.

Stay strong today. The weekend is around the corner.

And never forget how lucky we are to call this crazy-ass country (where cocaine ends up in the White House) our home.

Take care.


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