Is Paige Spiranac’s Latest Golf Outfit Appropriate Because It Has A Collar? We Report, You Decide

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Does Paige Spiranac wearing a shirt that simply has a collar qualify as proper golf attire?

This appeared to be the question the Instagram influencer floated to her 3.9 million followers with a recent series of photos.

Spiranac has long been an advocate for loosening up clothing restrictions on golf courses, and even recently claimed that people are trending in her direction.

No matter how tight or edgy the outfit, she wants people to wear what they want while trying to make par.

Paige Spiranac goes viral with golf outfit that features a collar, but is it appropriate? (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Paige Spiranac puts latest golf look on display.

Well, Spiranac uncorked a real doozy for her followers with her latest post, and something tells me stuffy old clubs aren’t going to appreciate this look.

“The shirt has a collar so it’s golf appropriate right,” Spiranac asked her millions of fans. While she’s definitely wearing a collar, this one is going to likely be a hard pass at Augusta National.

However, it might not matter because the post is currently sitting at north of 175,000 likes. Attention received and mission accomplished.

Spiranac wants to know if her outfit crosses the line.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about golf course attire. I played on my high school team (I shot scores that would make most people laugh, but hey, have to find a reason to get out of school), and I’ve golfed maybe three times in the past 13+ years.

Hand up, not my area of expertise. However, we do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that Spiranac has taken heat for years for her golf course outfits and what she posts on Instagram.

The popular Instagram golf star claimed an unnamed club had a serious problem with an outfit earlier in the year. It’s not a new thing, and leaning into the outrage has only helped her gain more followers.

Paige Spiranac goes viral with golf course outfit photos. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)

So, was her white outfit appropriate or not? Would your local course allow this? Does it even matter anymore if the goal is Instagram clout.

We report, you decide. All we’ll say for sure is Spiranac’s run is obviously not slowing down.

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