Paige Spiranac Feeling Like The Captain After Round Of Golf With Derek Jeter

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Paige Spiranac recently played a round of golf with New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, and based on her latest “Playing A Round” podcast, it gave her plenty to talk about.

For starters, she called Jeter one the nicest people she’s ever met.

“I think with a lot of these celebrities, and especially athletes, they’re very full of themselves, and I think you do need a bit of that to be very successful, you need to have confidence in yourself and a lot of them are very narcissistic and cocky, and he is the exact opposite,” Sprinac said.

Instead of acting all haughty, Jeter actually took an interest in her career and life, she added.

“He was asking me so many questions, which is something that doesn’t really happen when you’re around these celebrities and athletes,” Spiranac said.

“Again, just one of the coolest, coolest, nicest guys that I’ve met, which is always nice when you have that experience because there’s been so many times when I’ve met someone, who I was really excited to meet, and I was really disappointed with the interaction that I had with them. And so that happened a lot, early on in my career, and so now, I really don’t have high expectations of meeting anyone, and when you meet someone and they’re way cooler than you expect them to be, it’s awesome.”

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The actual golf, however, was less than a home run.

“I played like absolute garbage,” she said. “I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t hit a shot on the first couple holes and I’m like, ‘What is going on?’”

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