Paige Spiranac Crushes First Driver Of 2021, Woman Cooks Up Her Own Food At Waffle House & Tebow’s Book Party

This is a man who just doesn’t know what he’s talking about

“Greatest indictment of Harbaugh is how much OSU fans hate Swinney. This is energy they don’t even waste on Michigan anymore.” —– Bomani Jones, January 5, 2021

I know I shouldn’t waste my time on woke Bo, but I couldn’t let this one get by without commenting on how ridiculous a statement this is from a guy who’s supposed to be a national sports thinker. Bo Bo likes to think of himself as the biggest of big thinkers out there who couldn’t possibly be wrong on a subject. He’s completely wrong thinking Ohio State fans have moved Dabo to No. 1 on their hatred list. Bo doesn’t live here, doesn’t understand how people in Ohio think, and definitely doesn’t understand the rivalry. I’m not even sure Bo has spent any considerable amount of time in Ohio or Michigan learning about the rivalry.

Remember my stories about the Costco sample guys running their mouths about how Michigan was back when they hired Harbaugh? I was walking in the park that same year & some kid, who might’ve been all of 14, starts running his mouth about how Michigan was back. This is a 365-day rivalry, no matter how many years in a row Ohio State wins. No days off. A sports-talk radio host in Ohio has two main topics that will play every single day of the year: what Harbaugh’s up to and anything having to do with the Buckeyes. Harbaugh could be out buying new pants at Meijer, and it would play. Dabo buying new pants isn’t getting the same reaction. Harbaugh could drive across the Michigan/Ohio state line on U.S. 23, and it’s news. Dabo’s not getting the same reaction when he rolls into Cincinnati to get some offensive lineman.

Bad blood starts with your main rivalry and branches out from there. Nobody boils the blood of a diehard Buckeyes fan like the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines and never will.

• The national championship game get-in price is down to $1,104. That’s about a $100 drop since Tuesday morning.

• CNBC’s reporting the amount of cash in circulation is soaring and that’s a good sign for the economy. It’s reportedly raining cash at levels that haven’t been seen since World War II.

• Oh boy, Kim Kardashian’s getting a divorce from Kanye. That should keep the gossip pages hopping in 2021. Let’s start guessing which NBA guy she’ll rebound with. Get a good look at the Clippers roster.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. ESPN has no credibility left, anything they say is usually the opposite of reality. Great to see Tom Rinaldi jumping ship, he deserves better than crying Herbie, yay! Heather Dimwich, and Woke Bo.

    – Classic that Ms. DIY Waffle House cannot get off her important cell phone call long enough to work the grill

    – I truly love it when hipsters will pay $12 for frozen tator tots covered in shredded cheese. Costs less than $2.00 to cook it yourself. Makes me wish I owned a restaurant.

  2. Joe, I’m with you on UM. Two schools I root against, ND and UM for as long as I can remember. Parents were from Indiana and only colleges in their family were Purdue and Indiana even though they lived 40 miles from ND. Anti UM since we moved to OH in 60’s. You are right it is all year long.
    Also, I think Salma Hyack’s best role was in Desperado with Antonio Banderas.

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