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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Alabama is planning for a full football stadium in the fall

One could easily assume the Karen Wolkens, the Christine Brennans and the Keith Olbermanns of the world nearly had heart attacks when they saw the news Monday that Alabama is preparing to have a full Bryant-Denny Stadium in the fall. This is pretty much how I expected the full stadium thing to play out. On March 1, you have to prepare as if you’re going to have a full stadium, especially when you have medical experts and researchers like Dr. Scott Gottlieb saying herd immunity by April, like Dr. Marty Makary suggested, is “too aggressive,” but that herd immunity is heading in the right direction.

“I think the sentiment is right,” Gottlieb said. And with that, Alabama should be preparing for a full stadium.

Let’s not forget what happened when the Bills tested their fans for a Wild Card game. The positivity rate of those tested was 1.9%. The World Health Organization recommends a positivity rate below 5% before governments consider reopening. New York state health officials were blown away that a bunch of hard-partying Bills fans who were partying amongst themselves week after week had such a low positivity rate. That was in January.

Now we have people being pumped full of vaccines, we have Gottlieb saying transmission reduction is happening, and we have athletic departments that cannot go another fall without fans in the stands. It’s time for Alabama’s athletic department to order the hot dogs, get employees lined up and contracts signed for the fall.

The big question is: Will the Big Ten do the same? We know schools across the south will follow Alabama’s lead. Will Michigan open up? Ohio? All signs point to DeWine allowing it. Will Illinois open up? Those of you in the south don’t care, but there are some of us who have yet to retire and move south who sure could use a college football Saturday come late September.

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  1. True Story:

    the golf course and driving range near my home is usually busy and kinda peaceful. all it takes is one – one hot girl in spandex tights to rock the driving range. (i look too)

    i of course stay focused, because i rediscovered my swing in 2020 with not much else to do. hot girl, or no hot girl, i need to keep my swing intact.

    anywho – hot girls and golf is just fine with me.

  2. Pretty sure Jamal Adams doesn’t count as an elite DL…safety blitzes against a RB or a half-block/push from a TE ain’t nearly the same as getting hammered (and double-teamed) by OGs and OTs.

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