Paige Spiranac Celebrates Her Birthday Spilling Out Of A ‘Baywatch’-Style Swimsuit

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Today is Paige Spiranac’s birthday. The world’s No. 1 ranked golf influencer, the defender of all things right with this crazy world, is 30. She made the announcement earlier today in typical Paige-views fashion.

She took on the milestone birthday head on. Golf’s top influencer didn’t back away from her age, there was no leaving it up to Google to figure out how old she was. No, Paige put on a ‘Baywatch’-style swimsuit – you know the red one-piece – and said, “Today is my 30th Birthday.”

Paige Spiranac Baywatch Birthday OnlyFans
Golf’s No. 1 influencer (Image Credit: Paige Spiranac/TikTok)

She then, as she’s been known to do, questioned the standards that have been put in place. It doesn’t make sense to her why women shy away from their age.

Paige said, “I know most women don’t like to talk about their age because people act like there is a shelf life and treat us like spoiled milk lol.”

As if to add an exclamation point on her birthday comments she added, “Truth is I’ve never felt sexier and more confident in my own skin. Here’s the getting older!”

The flawless approach was met with the perfect flip right before she stuck the landing. That’s how you command the internet’s attention.

Did I mention Paige is wearing a “Baywatch” swimsuit? That brings the whole presentation together and drives home her point.

That’s turning the page from your 20s and diving headfirst into your 30s. There’s a lot of influencing of golf and beyond left for Paige.

There’s nobody better and she knows it. Her mindset right now says it all. She’s, “Thirty, flirty, and thriving.”

Paige Shares A Birthday With Another Influencer Named Paige, Maybe You’ve Heard Of Her

In other Paige related birthday news, today is also Paige VanZant’s birthday. Two of the biggest influencers on the planet, both named Paige, born on the same day, one year apart.

What’s a bigger factor in making either of them a content creator? Is it the first name, the birth date, or a combination of both?

Now that’s some batting average with two outs and runners on first and third on Wednesday’s after six o’clock at night type of advanced analytics I can get behind.

It’s hard to say which scenario is a bigger factor in either of them becoming influencers, but I’ll be hard at work crunching numbers on that for a while trying to crack this one.

There has to be an angle.

Here’s to Paige, both Spiranac and VanZant, happy birthday and may we continue to be entertained by your content for many more birthdays.

Written by Sean Joseph

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