UPDATE: Dodgers Near Deal For Scherzer and Turner

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UPDATE: The Los Angeles Dodgers are close to a deal to get Max Scherzer and Trea Turner from the Washington Nationals for prospects.

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The San Diego Padres are close to acquiring Max Scherzer from the Nationals, according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal. If this goes through, the deal would likely solidify the Padres for the division and cements them as favorites to come out the national league.

As of an hour ago, the Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, and Mets were all calling on the Cy Young winner — it seems San Diego upped their offer to the point Washington couldn’t refuse, so we have to applaud that commitment. They’re going for it.

No details on who’s going where in the deal just yet. Regardless, it’s going to be a HAUL.

Padres projected rotation is nasty

Max Scherzer

Yu Darvish

Joe Musgrove

Chris Paddock

Blake Snell

A total game-changer because this deal allows a struggling Blake Snell to push further back in that rotation. Now, Scherzer pencils in to match up with Dodgers ace Walker Buehler, which evens the playing field a bit. Even more importantly, the Padres know they have a better lineup than the Dodgers this year.

They’re more healthy, individually having better seasons, and the Padres just added Adam Frazier from Pittsburgh, who leads the national league in hits.

The San Diego Padres have now become arguably the best team in the league, and they’re young. Scherzer provides big game experience that was missing last postseason even though he comes into that locker room a 37-year-old veteran. That rising age may have been seen as an issue a few years back, but with the current advancement in medicine that’s increased the longevity of careers, this addition is monstrous. He’s the big fish.

And to everyone’s surprise, Scherzer pitcher earlier today and went six innings having given up just one run. His parting gift to Washington and a bit of an appetizer for Padres fans down the road. The trade deadline is going berserk this year and we have a feeling contenders aren’t done yet.

Will this move shift the Dodgers’ eyes to Jose Berrios out in Minnesota? Or will Kris Bryant land in New York after the Mets swung and missed with Scherzer? We’ll know in about 24 hours.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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  1. As a Nats fan this is depressing to see and it’s definitely the end of an era.

    I wish Mad Max nothing but the best as he was one of the few who earned ever cent of that contract.

  2. Looks like he’ll be a Dodger along with Trae Turner. Add to that Duffy, KC pitcher, the Dodgers flexed their considerable financial muscle to improve the team. Getting Turner could very well mean they don’t intend to re-sign Seager. Also, the two starters likely means Bauer is not coming back, regardless of legal outcome.

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