Packers Will Rebound Against Commanders

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Packers vs. Commanders, 1:00 ET

Well there are certainly some questions that need to be answered on both sides of the field in this one, right? The Packers are coming into this game with a 3-3 record and are falling apart both on and off the field. The Commanders are, well, not good. Their coach has already blamed their quarterback – kind of – and even after one of the most boring games ever against the Bears, they now just sit with two wins.

The Packers are not this bad though, right? When is the last time their offense averaged fewer than 18 points in a season with Aaron Rodgers under center? They lost back-to-back games against New York teams that they probably should be capable of beating. If you look at it on a surface level, the Packers don’t look that bad, but breaking it down, Rodgers doesn’t look like he has the confidence in his receivers that he did with DeVante Adams. He still has Randall Cobb on the squad, but now he is out for 2-to-4 weeks. I personally think he needs to just start trusting that he can put the ball in the spot that his receiver will be. You obviously need to make sure that they have the route run correctly, but he needs to be that MVP he’s been for years.

The Commanders are going nowhere. Carson Wentz looks like the much-maligned quarterback that talking heads have trashed over the years. In his most recent game, they couldn’t get much going against the Bears. The Bears have a good defense so it could be a bit acceptable that their offense struggled. Green Bay’s defense is also pretty good, so don’t expect the floodgates to open for Washington in this one. It already feels like they are trying out a variety of players on offense to see if anything clicks. If they are going to make an impact, they need to get the ball into their playmakers’ hands like Terry McLaurin. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like they’re going to get much going against the Packers.

I think the best play here is to back the Packers. After calling out his team in the postgame press conference, I think Rodgers and the Packers are going to have a better chance to improve offensively in this one than the Commanders do. I’m taking the Packers to cover in this one at -4.5.

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Written by David Troy

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