Packers Requesting QB In Trade Proposals for MVP Aaron Rodgers

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The ongoing rift between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers suggests that the 37-year-old quarterback will not be returning to the team by the start of the regular season.

As trade talks and rumors continue to circulate throughout the league, it appears that Green Bay is already asking teams inquiring about the reigning NFL MVP to include a quarterback in their trade proposals.

Teams floating around in the Rodgers trade talks include the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders. In April, the Broncos traded for former Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a player far from the caliber of Rodgers’ production that could keep a trade to Denver from happening.

An offer from the Raiders including starting quarterback Derek Carr could be the highest likelihood in a trade situation, though LV general manager Mike Mayock insisted that the team wants to keep their QB. Carr finished the 2020-2021 season with 27 TDs, 9 INTs, and 4,103 total passing yards.

Reports on Wednesday indicated that the Packers would be signing veteran QB Blake Bortles to a one-year deal, with former Indianapolis Colts backup Kurt Benkert signed on Saturday. The team also hopes to continue prepping former first-round quarterback Jordan Love for a shot at the starting role, should Rodgers pack his bags for a new destination.

Coach Matt LaFleur recently made comments on the QB controversy, reiterating his support for Rodgers to stay in Wisconsin.

“We still obviously feel the same way,” LaFleur said during an interview with “We want him back in the worst way. I know he knows that. We’ll continue to work at it each and every day.”

Despite a rough start to the LaFleur-Rodgers tandem in Green Bay after sideline disputes and distrust in the young head coach’s decision-making, the two have produced a highly successful 26-6 run the past two seasons, with a 2-2 postseason record.  

The team’s OTAs start on May 24, meaning Green Bay will be on red alert in the coming weeks to package the QB out of town.

Rodgers’ main qualm with the team is rooted in the front office disregarding the need for skill players, especially on the WR depth chart. The team signed Pro Bowl running back Aaron Jones in a move that was aimed to satisfy Rodgers’ demand for more help on offense.

Confidence between the front office and Aaron took another step in the wrong direction when general manager Brian Gutekunst drafted defensive back Eric Stokes out of Georgia with Green Bay’s first pick in the 2021 NFL draft rather than making a move to trade up or draft a receiver in the first two rounds.

Green Bay selected wide receiver Amari Rodgers out of Clemson in the third round.

If Rodgers chooses to stay in Green Bay, it would be hard to imagine that the runner-up NFC team could go into the new season and beat teams such as the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Cowboys team with a returning Dak Prescott utilizing the same roster as last season.

The Green Bay Packers have lost consecutive NFC Championship games, and now hopes of a third straight appearance is fading by the day.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. They drafted quarterback Jordan Love form Utah State in the first round last season.
    So I don’t see them asking for a quarterback unless he is a bust.

    What they need are big play receivers and offensive linemen.
    If you don’t have those to give then you will need a lot of draft picks.

    However, since this is the Packers maybe they will take some other teams mediocre quarterback in exchange.

    • First of all, the Packers took Jordan Love to have him sit for 3 years behind Aaron Rodgers the same way Rodgers sat 3 years behind Brett Favre. It was never the plan to have Love start his second season.

      Second, the Packers have the best big play receiver in the NFL in Davante Adams. How many teams have more than 1 big play receiver? What the Packers need is to upgrade the current receiver corps. They don’t need a big play receiver but they need better receivers than those currently on the roster.

      Third, while the Packers do need to improve the offensive line after losing Corey Linsley, it’s not like the O line is horrible. David Bakhtiari will be back this year but probably not at the start of the season.

      Asking for Derek Carr from the Raiders would be logical since Carr would sit behind Rodgers. Carr is not a mediocre QB. He isn’t Rodgers but he’s far from mediocre.

      I hope your gambling knowledge is better than your football knowledge because you’ll be broke very soon if it’s not.

    • The Pack has a top 5 OL and D Adams at WR and drafted Amari Rodger. Yeah, they could use a consistent deep threat, but Valdez-Scantling hasn’t been bad, folks forget he had 100+ and a TD vs Tampa in the playoffs. What they need is help on D. Their offense is loaded with Adams, Aaron Jones, Tonyan and their OL.

    • Hey Props…Jordan Love didn’t make the active roster all last season. Third string behind Tim Boyle and not activated. The Pack is playing a dangerous game with their fans and the team itself. Packers just signed Blake Bortles and Kert Benkert. Players gotta be wondering WTF.

      • Yep, and as Packers fan it’s getting old. I get that he’s a great talent and their best chance at a Super Bowl, but when he and the offense went 3 and out twice in the 4th quarter vs. Tampa when down by 5, I kidna think Rodgers ceiling is the NFC Championship game with the Packers…not sure why, he just hasn’t played great in big games. Maybe a change of scenery would do him good, similar to Peyton Manning. I get that means the Pack has to reset, but Rodgers won’t play forever and it’s been a good 16 years. Also, people forget last season was Rodgers first healthy year in the past 5 years (collarbone twice, concussions, knee, calf twice)…so the odds of him pulling a Brady are remote.

  2. Current contract $134,000,000 , $57,500,000 signing bonus , $33,500,000 avg annual He signed the contract and Took the money Green Bay has treated this diva ingrate more than fair he should be a man and stfu and honor the contract He agreed too guy is really annoying .

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