Aaron Rodgers Hopes He Can Just Get Off Social Media

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Influencers are going to ‘dislike’ what Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has to say about social media.

After 11 weeks of media scrutiny over his team’s lackluster start to the year, Rodgers said he hopes platforms like Twitter can fizzle out to let him hone in on winning games rather than playing for likes. Rodgers specifically called out Twitter, a platform that’s been under the spotlight since Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk took over to open it up as a truly free-speech platform.

“I’ll probably be about as active as I’ve been on Twitter,” Rodgers admitted, as relayed by Fox News.

In Rodgers-speak, that Twitter activity means little to none.


As someone who’s dominated the digital tabloids in the past year with tales of his drug trips and dating characters that sound straight out of Tolkien lore, perhaps A-Rod is fed up with all the noise.

But since he’s more into visual distortion and other symptoms that come with rad acid trips, Rodgers admitted to being more of an Instagram guy.

“I enjoy Instagram a little bit more. At this point. I look forward to the day I have no social media, which may be coming sooner than later. But at this point, I’m not gonna make any drastic social media changes.”

Coming off a weekend where lunatics on The Bird truly believed that the social media platform would die over inflated hysteria, perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to mitigate some of that panic by closing down the app in favor of going outside for a quiet walk or — I don’t know — talk to other humans face-to-face. Crazy idea, right?

Maybe Rodgers is onto something here. If anyone knows how to play 5-D chess, it’s the Lambeau Legend himself.

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