Packers Intend To Make Aaron Rodgers Offer He Cannot Refuse

Will he stay or will he go? That is the question when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and whether the star quarterback has plans to return to the Green Bay Packers.

But if it’s up the Packers, the decision will be easy. Rodgers simply won’t want to leave.

And according to multiple NFL insiders, the Packers are prepared to offer Rodgers to sun, the moon and the stars — not to mention a gigantic bag of cash.

In fact, per Ian Rapoport of, the Pacers β€œare willing to offer Rodgers a deal that makes him the highest-paid QB in the NFL on a per-year basis β€” likely a two-year pact worth more than $45 million annually, with voidable years on the back end to make it work with the cap.”

Yeesh. The guy is great and all, but can anyone remember the last time he went to the Super Bowl? That said, the Packers always have a chance with Rodgers at QB, so that likely brings in the dough needed to pay Rodgers.

Anyway, a number of other teams are expected to similarly genuflect over Rodgers, who indicated he’s still a few weeks away from making a decision. Apparently, retirement is an option, too.

But the Packers are banking that he wants to play, and the place he won’t be able to refuse will be Green Bay.

“They are prepared to go all in for Aaron Rodgers in 2022, spending as close to the cap this year and spreading it into future years as much as possible,” said Adam Schefter of ESPN.

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Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Good question last time to the SB how about 11 years ago last two years number 1 seed could not get it done he’s getting paid enough no other team is going all in like that for a 39 year old MVP I know but its the SB the really counts and he always comes up short

  2. Maybe what he wants is not a bag of money. Maybe he wants a commitment to winning. So, maybe they can trade Love (the issue that started all of this). The first round pick they get in return can help shore up their special teams.

  3. Another QB that should look in the mirror on the” commitment to winning “he’s had a team two years running number 1 seed into the playoffs and he couldn’t close the deal two years running last time I checked number 1 seed is as high as it goes

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