Packers GM Says Aaron Rodgers Situation Has Divided Fan Base

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The Packers front office has stayed relatively quiet over how they plan to deal with the Aaron Rodgers fiasco, but according to team president Mark Murphy, the fan base is divided.

“The situation we face with Aaron Rodgers has divided our fan base. The emails and letters that I’ve received reflect this fact. As I wrote here last month, we remain committed to resolving thing with Aaron and want him to be our quarterback in 2021 and beyond. We are working to resolve the situation and realize that the less both sides say publicly, the better.”

Rodgers, 37, divided the fan base, as Murphy puts it, by telling the team back in April that he no longer wanted to play for them. He then doubled-down on the statement in an interview the following month on SportsCenter.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Packers head coach Matt LeFleur and team president Mark Murphy visited Rodgers to convince him to stay — to no avail.

Should Rodgers be dealt?

This message from a team’s president means one thing: we’re doing everything we can and half the fan base wants us to move him anyway. If half the fan base can’t stand Rodgers and Rodgers himself is unwilling to fix the relationship, then maybe they should deal him? Yes, the eight-time pro bowler is under contract, but is it worth it to force the unhappy employee of the month into working for you? Probably not, right?

Whenever a franchise’s best player insists on leaving, tensions will always be high. Many fans feel the organization is bigger than any player, but there’s always going to be the perspective that players win championships.

Look no further than Tom Brady setting sail for Tampa Bay and leading an organization from habitual mediocrity to Super Bowl champions. Aaron Rodgers, players around the league, and now some angry fans, probably agree Rodgers can do the same. That message is going to tick off fans, so it remains to be seen how Mark Murphy handles this going forward. Sounds like he’s saying they’ve done all they could.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. My guess is the Pack’s front office is tired of trying to appease Rodgers. They let him run McCarthy out of town, and now he wants the GM fired…who’s next, the mayor of Green Bay? As a Packers fan, I see Rodgers as more talented than Brady, but not all that close to the player Brady is…Rodgers struggles in big game, Brady excels…which really defines both of their legacies at this point.

    • Hey MC…LOL…I hope we’re good…not trying to break ’em…just wanna mention the team that had the #1 pick in the 2005 NFL Draft…that was the SF 49ers…who picked Alex Smith.
      Head Coach was Mike Nolan who was 18-37 over 3 1/2 years…and in his first year went 4-12 with an offensive coordinator named…you guessed it…Mike McCarthy. McCarthy had a lot of sway in the 2005 draft room and even told Rodgers years later that he thought Alex Smith was the better QB. (His opinion, fine…but you could see where that might be problematic.)
      After being the OC on a 4-12 team, guess who hires him in 2006 as head coach…you guessed it…Green Bay.
      So McCarthy and Rodgers were both under the same roof…nice.
      McCarthy was HC for 13 years…so he was HARDLY run outta town…LMAO…his incompetence got him fired.
      Here’s a pretty good article about it from Bleacher Report if anybody’s interested:

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