Packers De’Vondre Campbell Torches Analyst’s Steve Harvey Suit After He Dissed Jordan Love

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If you’re going to about Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love, and doing it within earshot of linebacker De’Vondre Campbell, you’d better be dressed to the nines.

CBS Sports analyst Adam Schein was the one who learned this the hard way and wound up getting an unwanted fashion critique from Campbell.

Schein was highly critical of Love and the rest of the Packers. He even went so far as to call the team’s situation a debacle and that Love “can’t play football.

Well, Campbell caught wind of this and decided to stick up for his quarterback.

He threw some haymakers at Shein for critiquing Love.

“Baggy ass Steve Harvey suit and them thick ass dollar tree glasses.”


Once he was done giving his assessment of Shein’s wardrobe, he did raise a good point. That Love has only ever started one game. Of course, he appeared in 9 other games and didn’t exactly wow anyone, but that’s still a relatively small sample size.

Maybe Love hasn’t gotten enough reps in yet to really hit his stride at the NFL level.

Hey, it could happen…

Shein responded to Campbell but took more of a high-road approach in which he fielded Campbell’s criticisms of his specs and jacket.

That’s probably the smart approach in a situation like this, but it really ended that back and forth on a whimper.

The Jordan Love era in Green Bay gets underway on September 10 when the team faces the rival Chicago Bears.

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