Packers Coach Matt LaFleur Says He Too Is Clueless On Aaron Rodgers’ Future

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So, will Aaron Rodgers return to the Green Bay Packers?

Answer: Not even coach Matt LaFleur knows.

At least that’s what LaFleur said when asked about Rodgers’ future. Basically, Rodgers has yet to give any hints about what he’ll do next. The options are, in no particular order, return to quarterback the Packers, go play for someone else, or retire.

Speculation says Rodgers is strongly considering all three, though perhaps not so much the first.

LaFleur said all he really knows is he hopes Rodgers retires a Packer.

“There’s no updates but yeah, absolutely, we’re in communication,” LaFleur said. “Had a good few days after the season to sit down and really kinda try to digest the season. Just gonna let him go through his process, but certainly, we’re all hopeful to have him back in Green Bay.”

It does seem like Rodgers will play again next season, somewhere, given that he was named NFL MVP for the second straight season on Thursday night. He has now won four such honors.

“It’s been an amazing 17 years,” Rodgers said while accepting the award. “So thankful for the memories and the moments over the years.”

Granted, people are going to twist that anyway they want. Packers fans will cringe. GMs and coaches of opposing teams will dare to dream. Rumors will persist.

But as for LaFleur, he says he just doesn’t know. That basically puts him in the same boat as the rest of us.

Written by Sam Amico

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