Packers Coach Matt LaFleur: ‘Can’t Imagine’ Aaron Rodgers In Another Uniform

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur is one man who doesn’t want to experience a football team without Aaron Rodgers.

But based on recent reports, that may be what LaFleur has to do. Those reports say Rodgers no longer desires to play for Green Bay.

“Yeah, I know, and I can’t even take my brain to that spot right now,” LaFleur told reporters after the NFL Draft on Saturday. “So I just want to do everything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Rodgers has become Packers football.

“I can’t fathom [him] not being in Green Bay,” LaFleur said. “That’s where my mind’s at. I don’t only love the player, but I love the person. I love working with him on a daily basis; I think we all do — from the players in that locker room to the coaching staff. Again, I don’t even want to let my mind go there.”

LaFleur indicated he has spoken with Rodgers recently — but did not offer any details into that conversation. All he said was he and the Packers want Rodgers to return.

On the other hand, Rodgers reportedly is dead set against it, especially if general manager Brian Gutekunst is back, as OutKick’s Bobby Burack relayed.

Either way, all LaFleur seems to know at this point is he wants Rodgers in Green Bay.

“I’ll always remain hopeful and optimistic, and certainly, we’ll always welcome him back with open arms,” LaFleur said. “He knows exactly how not only myself but our staff and our players feel about him. Like I said before, I just can’t imagine him not being in a Green Bay Packer uniform.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. i think Brady is ghosting the entire NFL. at 7 super bowl wins and possibly another if this year goes well, what are elite QB’s to do?

    getting one is important, but the Mahomes had already been penciled in to win several by the woke mob. that doesn’t leave much for all these new and old guys.

    the Irish in Brady is really showing now 😜

  2. The Packer’s are going to let some time roll off. In the meantime Aaron, feel free to actively tantrum. It’ll be interesting if any of the Packer players sound off in the interim. By the way, you are at a QB retirement age and chances are the Packer’s will likely put some contingency plans in motion, (*Joe Biden Whisper*) like they did on YOUR behalf when Brett Favre was attempting to unretire. (Or is it disretire?)

  3. The Pack front office and HC are saying all the right things…they want to win and for next season Rodgers is their best bet, the question is whether Hollywood 12 still wants to compete or if he’d rather take his ball and go to Jeopardy or a worse team in Denver or the Raiders. It’s really up to him, and given what a weird dude he is, I have no idea what he’ll do. Rodgers saying he’s disappointed that the info leaked on draft day is a dishonest as a politician…he and his team orchestrated all of this. And if it is true he’s trying to get the GM fired for drafting Love, then I’d trade Rodgers today…can’t have that type of cancer within the organization.

    • You really don’t know the in-house communication between the GM and Rodgers. None of us know what’s been said and promised.

      You seem to be jealous that Rodgers has had a couple of very attractive girlfriends over the years. Why bring his personal life into any discussion? It’s obvious that the personal life has not affected how he plays given he earned the MVP in 2020.

      As far as cutting him loose, go ahead and give the team to a kid who played really well in the Pac12, a league not best known for defense.

      • Hey William…Utah State plays down a level in college football…not D1…not PAC-12…Utah State is in the Mountain West Conf…and Jordan Love was 3rd team Mountain West (only made honorable mention).
        I’m with ya, William…nobody knows the in-house communications…but all the armchair QBs here on OKTC seem to know everything…’cept playing at the highest level in pro football.
        Who gives a flying fukk whether Rodgers likes Danica or he likes Danny. The GB GM is a rubber stamp for the president, who’s also a loser. Glad I’m not a Packers fan (NYC is my home town lol…G-MEN…Big Blue lol !!!).

  4. Lafleur is a to young coach, should be an assistant somewhere. Without Aaron Rodgers he is not making the playoffs and he knows it. The guy doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself for that cowardly call in the NFL championship. I hope AR sticks to his guns.

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