Pac-12 Reschedules Cal-UCLA To Sunday, Nov. 15

Despite shortcomings in its leadership earlier this year, the Pac-12 is turning a corner. They have now rescheduled Cal at UCLA to Nov. 15. This comes after the cancellation of Cal at Arizona State and Utah at UCLA earlier this morning.

Check out their tweet. Even the wording feels like leadership.

“The scheduling of this game is consistent with the Conference’s commitment to provide opportunities for student-athletes through maximum scheduling flexibility while still prioritizing health and safety,” they said in their statement.


They clearly recognize the have a duty to make these games happen, despite the risk. Their commitment to running an operation that diligently seeks options to play is great for college football. The fans and players will all reap the benefits this Sunday. Following science and playing Pac-12 football on Sunday morning is the best possible option.

They should be applauded for refusing to panic and for finding a way to play this game.

It’s odd that a regular season college game would kickoff at 9 a.m. PST, but these are the type of “flexible scheduling” decisions they conferences have to make if they want to complete a season. Don’t miss the game on Fox Sports 1.

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