PAC-12 Commish Says They’ll Catch Up To Big Ten, SEC (They Won’t, But What Is He Supposed To Say?)

As the Big Ten and SEC have started eating into other conferences, one of the most affected has been the PAC-12. However, the conference’s commissioner George Kliavkoff says it’ll catch up.

He might be the only one in the world who thinks that.

And that’s only if he even believes it himself.

Kliavkoff made his comments while teasing the conference’s new TV deal that he said will help the Pac-12 close in on the burgeoning mega conferences.

“Eventually, we’ll catch those guys,” Kliavkoff told the Los Angeles Times. “It will take a couple of steps, but we’re going to take a step towards closing that gap. Then we’re going to be looking at expansion. We’re going to be looking at schools that make sense for us.”

Everyone is pretty much aware that the PAC-12 catching the Big Ten and SEC is a pipedream. At best, they conference is going to be in a fight for survival with the Big 12. That said, that conference already has plans to bring in several new schools as soon as next year.

PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff says the PAC-12 will catch up to the Big Ten and SEC. There’s a decent chance that even he doesn’t believe that, but it had to be said. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Kliavkoff Said What He Had To Say

Yeah, to most of us, what Kliavkoff is saying sounds delusional.

It is, but in fairness, what was he supposed to say?

He wouldn’t be doing his job if he panicked and started blurting out how the conference is on borrowed time.

Of course not. He did what anyone in that position should do which is start acting like that meme of the cartoon dog sitting in the fires saying everything is fine.

Earlier this week, Kliavkoff said that the conference’s 10 remaining schools, after USC and UCLA head to the Big Ten, are committed to the conference.

However, that statement was understandably met with skepticism.

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  1. The PAC 12 is dead.

    The Utah Utes have been rubbing it in BYU’s faces since they joined the PAC 12 and they will suddenly have no place to go.

    And the Utah Utes who are the 2nd biggest program in the state of Utah behind BYU and always have been, will come begging BYU’s new conference, the Big 12, to join. And it’s going to be hilarious watching them beg.

  2. True that.

    Oregon and Washington [possibly Stanford and Cal] fit the Big Ten’s academic profile and along with the LA schools provide consistent primetime West coast content for a TV deal. All of those schools would bolt in a heartbeat if asked.

    Then the remainder–think Utah, Colorado and the Arizona schools have to decide if they want to raid the Mountain West or joint the Big 12 which will have a better media payout Day One. Easy choice.

    Any orphans get swallowed up by the Mountain West.

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