Pablo Sandoval Did An IG Live And People Were Concerned About His Neck

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Pablo Sandoval took to Instagram Live on his way home Wednesday afternoon, and the sneak peak into the former major leaguer’s every day life predictably backfired.

If you know Sandoval’s history — or you’re a Red Sox fan — it’s pretty easy to guess why.

Yes, our man Pablo is still on the heavy side.

Pablo Sandoval is still in peak shape as he plays in Mexican League

Goodness gracious. I know the camera angle ain’t great, but still, Panda doesn’t appear to be throttling anything back post-playing career.

According to Pablo’s Wikipedia — which Michael Scott swears by, so it’s good enough for me — he’s currently playing in the Mexican League for Olmecas de Tabasco.

Sandoval last played in the majors in 2021 when he was in that weird mini-resurgence with the Atlanta Braves, but was eventually traded to the Indians and then released.

Of course, everyone remembers him from his time in Boston, when the Red Sox gave him a ridiculous amount of money to show up to camp unbelievably overweight and then break his belt a few months later during that infamous swing in Toronto.

It was sort of all downhill after this:

Anyway, Sandoval’s IG Live adventure took a quick turn Wednesday when everyone had the same question as bmurph here: what happened to your neck?

Pablo Sandoval neck rumors.
Pablo Sandoval looks great on Instagram Live.

Being the pro he is, Pablo quickly responded with some reassurance.

“My neck? It’s down right here,” he said while pointing towards his neck. “Nothing.”

Well, there you have it. Pablo Sandoval’s neck is just fine, haters.

PS: anyone remember this legendary moment? What a showing from clutch Pablo back in the day.

Written by Zach Dean

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