PA Cops Arrest ‘Chief’ For Fleeing In ‘Best Damn Buds’ Patrol Car, Using His Siren

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Hey potheads, we get that you’re enjoying this new lifestyle where pot is fully legal in 17 states, the District of Columbia and Guam. We get that all sorts of states have legalized medical marijuana. We get that there’s been no better time to be alive for weed and sports betting, but you can’t just be out here using a police-like siren while driving around in a very police-looking SUV.

Police in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania arrested ‘Chief’ Adam Cottle, 34, over the weekend for driving around in his “Best Damn Buds Patrol” vehicle that seems to be part of the “Cannabis Intelligence Unit.” The problem here isn’t that Cottle is proclaiming to be “Proudly Serving Your Community” with his buds patrol unit. It’s that cops say Cottle was driving around with the siren going and the lights flashing. According to the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, cops observed cars pulling over and yielding to the Buds Patrol officer, thinking Cottle was the actual police.

That’s when the Forty Fort police got involved, and Cottle took off. Eventually, the Buds Patrol SUV stopped, and cops slapped him with a slew of charges including fleeing, DUI, impersonating a police officer, driving while on drugs, and, yes, cops found “large amounts of possible narcotics” in the Buds Patrol car.

Best Damn Buds SUV Pennsylvania
Forty Fort (PA) Police Department

Cottle celebrated his release Sunday from the Luzerne County Jail with a simple message posted to Facebook. “Thanks God, I am f–king free,” Cottle wrote while adding a photo of him smoking a massive joint. And with that, ‘Chief’ Cottle is back on the streets, but it’s unclear what will happen to the Buds Patrol vehicle.

Will the money spent designing the Buds Patrol go up in smoke? Stay tuned.

Adam Cottle Pennsylvania arrested
Forty Fort (PA) Police Department

That’s Cottle on the left in 2019 being interviewed by a guy who goes by Buddy Appleweed:


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