Ozzie Guillen: I Told ‘Rookie’ Michael Jordan To Buy Me Beer After The White Sox Bus Ran Dry

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Just when you figured we’d heard all the Michael Jordan stories known to man after The Last Dance aired, along comes Ozzie Guillen to gather all the balding and fat slob 40-somethings to tell us a great story from MJ’s baseball days.

Clearly feeling nostalgic for the old days, Guillen spent two minutes Sunday night remembering the time the White Sox Spring Training bus ran out of beer on a road trip to Lakeland to face the Tigers and how he told rookie Michael Jordan to go into a gas station for a refill.

“The bus, for some reason, ran out of beer,” Ozzie explains. “I told Mike Cameron, Ray Durham and Michael Jordan … I told the guy make sure you stop at a gas station.”

The story goes that Jordan didn’t have a problem with the request from the team captain, so he went in and bought Ozzie some road pops. The NBA champion returned to the bus, threw the beer in Ozzie’s lap and said, “Here’s your beer.”

OMG Ozzie, didn’t you realize MJ’s life resume at that point in 1994?

“He’s a rookie. I was a captain,” Guillen fired back, before adding that MJ enjoyed being treated like one of the guys.

Speaking of being one of the guys, two years before the Spring Training bus story came the time when Jeremy Roenick and Michael Jordan tied one on while playing 36 holes, gambling thousands of dollars and doing it all before a Cavs-Bulls game.

Researchers believe the date to have been March 28, 1992 when Jordan went on a golf bender, crushed beers, and then dropped 44 to help the Bulls win by 24.

They just don’t make them like Jordan these days. He’s just one of the guys.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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