Outkick’s Vegas Top Ten For Week 9 2018


It’s rare to feel bad for Ohio St fans but it was hard to not feel a tiny bit of pity after the Buckeyes colossal flop this past weekend.  The drubbing they took in West Lafayette dropped them five spots in the poll including behind hated rival Michigan.  Alabama and Clemson remain a cut above the rest and the more Trevor Lawrence gains command of this offense, the higher the ceiling becomes for the Tigers.  Bet the Board‘s top ten still includes a strong SEC presence but even after their win and cover against Mississippi St the Bayou Bengals are still on the outside looking in for the top 10.  Our overrated team this week has amassed a 6-1 record however in the Pac-12 what does that really mean?  It’s a SEC team that is looking for their first conference win seeing a repeat appearance in our underrated column and we head to Columbia to find our best bet of the college football weekend.

Bet the Board Top 10 Week 9:

1.) Alabama

2.) Clemson

3.) Georgia

4.) Michigan

5.) Notre Dame

6.) Oklahoma

7.) Ohio State

8.) Penn State

9.) Texas A&M

10.) Washington

Overrated:  Washington State

The Cougars are 6-1 and have been red-hot as of late, winning (and covering) 3 straight against Utah, Oregon State, and Oregon.  They had the biggest jump in the AP Poll this past week (11 spots) as they slid into the top 15.  The issue with Washington State is they play in the Pac-12, and the schedule doesn’t impress any college football fan that actually watches games.  They’ve beat up on the likes of Wyoming, San Jose State, and Eastern Washington in the non-conference schedule early in the year doing so while struggling mightily on the ground (3.6 yards per carry).  The bottom line is if the Cougars played  in the SEC or Big 10, they wouldn’t be boasting 6 wins already this year.  We don’t view them as favorably as the popularity polls do and we’ll see how they handle prosperity this weekend for a trip to the Farm against the Stanford Cardinal.

Underrated: Missouri

Contrary to our overrated team this week, Missouri has faced an absolute bear of a schedule currently ranked 4th toughest in the nation. They have taken on the likes of Georgia, Alabama, Purdue, Memphis, and South Carolina so while a record of 4-3 isn’t eye popping it has created plenty of betting value in certain spots Mizzou.  The Tigers opened -6.5, and have already been bet up to -7/-7.5 at the sharpest books in the world.  That’s right, the 12th place (0-3 SEC) Missouri Tigers are laying a touchdown against a team currently being touted as the SEC East darkhorse. The offense is dynamic behind NFL prospect Drew Lock, currently completing 61% of passes at 7.85 yards per attempt.  Missouri’s defense is slightly underrated, having faced four Top 10 offenses in Alabama, Georgia, Purdue, and Memphis skewing the overall profile of their resume.

Best Bet: Missouri -6.5 (-115)

When we look at this line, as mentioned above, it definitely has the “shock” factor.  The majority of betting tickets seem to be gravitating towards backing the road underdog, yet we’ve moved to the key number of 7 at BetOnline.AG. Last year, Missouri pushed Kentucky to the brink in Lexington, but fell 40-34 in an up and down game.  This year, we have a Kentucky team that has thrived on its defense, holding opponents to 4.4 yards per play but struggling on the offensive end, averaging only 5.3 yards per play (74th in the country).  Kentucky has yet to face an offense/quarterback at the level of Missouri, and last year Drew Lock tore them up for over 350 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Missouri should be able to have success here offensively, which means Kentucky will have to keep up and if recent weeks are any indication that’s no small ask for Terry Wilson.  Missouri has done an excellent job stopping the run (3.7 yards per carry), and if they can keep Benny Snell in check, Kentucky will have to do something they have yet to do well all year, and that’s pass the football. This line tells you all you need to know about this game it’s a perfect lay it or don’t play it type scenario

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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