Outkick’s Vegas Top Ten


Sometimes you think you know a team and they’ll still break your heart.  Other times you write programs off for dead and they TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES (said in best Dumb and Dumber voice).  Clemson’s body of work has distanced them from rest of the field in the eyes of college football fans after just a few short weeks.  Before we peg them as the greatest thing since sliced bread remember from a betting perspective they’re now being over priced in the market meaning a correction looms in the near future.  Alabama retains its hold on the top spot over rapidly ascending Oklahoma and a Florida State side that we haven’t seen since opening weekend.  September is where contenders and pretenders are separated from one another just before conference play gets rolling.  What’s even more interesting than the difference between our top 10 and the popularity polls is the current prices available for viable national title contenders.

Here’s an updated look at our Bet the Board top 10 after Week 3.  Value presents itself in some very interesting places specifically with one ACC blue blood.

(College football playoff futures courtesy of Betonline.AG)

1) Alabama 7-4
2) Oklahoma 7-1
3) Florida State 33-1
4) Penn State 12-1
5) Clemson 6-1
6) Ohio State 10-1
7) USC 7-1
8) Auburn 33-1
9) Oklahoma State 14-1
10) Washington 28-1

Overrated: Florida

Anyone that’s watched Florida knows this Gators team has major flaws.  Forget the declining talent level on defense or the shoddy quarterback play thus far, the internal turmoil for this program shouldn’t be masked by Butch Jones’ ineptitude last week.  Nobody knows exactly when Antonio Calloway and Jordan Scarlett will be able to return and the deeper this saga goes the less likely these players are able to make an impact in meaningful games.  I can rattle off the laundry list of why Florida is overrated but we covered it in more eloquent details on the podcast.  My biggest gripe with Florida even being ranked is the fact that any team producing the stat lines they have for two games being included in the top 25 makes the popularity polls a bigger joke than they already are.

Underrated: Auburn

Sure they’ve looked like garbage.  Sure they’ve looked average on offense against bottom tier opponents in Georgia Southern and Mercer.  Sure we have concerns over Jarrett Stidham and his lackluster numbers to start the campaign coupled with the health of his running backs. Sure players being dismissed and transferring out don’t create a harmonious environment for those looking to win a conference title.  Factor all that in and you have a team being overlooked by everyone because of a 14-6 loss at Clemson in week 2.  Drink all the Mississippi St Kool-Aid you want right now but if there’s one team in the SEC West that’s a legitimate threat to Alabama’s dominance…it’s the program that plays their home games at Jordan Hare.

Double Digit Dog of the Week (Breaking the rules): Tulane -2.5 (2-1 ATS)

Garbage in, garbage out.  Utah St was a swing and a miss when compared to Texas sitting in the on deck circle waiting for the call that never came.  However I digress and it’s time to get us back to the window with a winner so we’ll make our own damn rules.  Normally this area is reserved for double digit dogs yet I’ll be damned if I found one worth an investment this weekend.  I toyed with Toledo +12.5, Iowa +13, NC State +13 and even Texas St +12 but none of them made the cut.  As a result I’m going with a short home favorite in the Tulane Green Wave.  Army is fresh off a physical beating at Ohio State that led Jeff Monken to say earlier this week that some of his players won’t even make the road trip this weekend.  Tulane took a beating of their own at Oklahoma but coming home healthier against a team they know very well schematically provides an interesting angle.  We always look for coaching edges and again Tulane has one working in their favor here especially having faced a service academy just two weeks ago.  While I’d love underrated Tulane QB Jonathan Banks to be available here (questionable at time of press) I have no problems trusting Johnathan Brantley to run the option against an Army defense surrendering over 5 YPC.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.