Outkick’s Top Ten For Week 12 2017

This is the first week I can ever remember where the Outkick Top Ten stayed the exact same.
Will that be the case next week? Nope, but for now we had a breather.
Hopefully it was a profitable breather though and you guys listened to me and put every spare dollar you had on Mizzou to cover at Vanderbilt.
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1. Alabama

The Tide rolled and now the question is this — can they keep rolling against Auburn? Because I honestly think the road game at Auburn might be the toughest game Alabama has left on its schedule.

And that includes the SEC title game and both playoff games.


2. Miami

There for a moment it looked like the U might be in danger.

Down 28-14 in the third quarter Miami did what championship teams do, they rallied and rolled, posting thirty straight unanswered points to win with ease.

A win at Pittsburgh will send the Hurricanes into the ACC title game at 11-0.


3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma dominated Kansas and found a defense to boot.

Beat West Virginia on Saturday and then beat TCU again in a totally unnecessary Big 12 title game and the Sooners will be in the playoff.


4. Clemson

The Tigers have a road game at South Carolina next weekend. Win that and they’re effectively in the playoff since the ACC title game will be a default playoff game for Clemson, win and you advance to the final four.

5. Georgia

Georgia plays at Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Win that, and like Clemson, they’re effectively into an eight team playoff.

Because they have to win the SEC title game to advance to the four team playoff.


6. Wisconsin

The Badgers are 11-0.

The game against Minnesota figures to make that 12-0.

Then comes another playoff game — this one in the Big Ten title game. Because Wisconsin has to win and be 13-0 to advance to the playoff.

7. Auburn

Beat Alabama on Saturday and then beat Georgia in the SEC title game and the Tigers will be in the playoff.

Can they do it? Definitely. Do I think they will? Nope.


8. Notre Dame

The Irish were embarrassed by Miami last week and saw their playoff dreams die.

But beat Stanford and 10-2 is still a very solid bounce back season for the Fighting Irish and Brian Kelly.

9. Ohio State

The Buckeyes dominated Illinois.

Now comes the big game against Michigan to see whether Urban Meyer can start 3-0 against Jim Harbaugh.

Then the Buckeyes need a decent amount of help to get back into the playoff picture.

10. USC

The Trojans may well finish 11-2 and win the Pac 12, but in the wake of Washington’s loss to Stanford the Pac 12’s playoff hopes are dead.

(Note: I am posting this Top 10 before this game is officially over. So if USC chokes away a win against UCLA, I’ll come back and bump up TCU to number ten.)

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.