Outkick’s Top Ten For Week 14 and SEC Power Rankings

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Welcome to the Sunday following the wildest college football Saturday of the year.

When it was all over, Nick Saban’s process was shattered and every Auburn fan in America was drunk with glee.   

Check out these Auburn and Alabama fan reaction videos. 

Some of them are clearly staged, but lots of them are entirely real. 

And as a group, wow, you’re going to see why college football is the best sport in America. 

Outkick’s National Top Ten: (After sleeping on it, I made some changes to last night’s Tweets). 

1. Auburn

Give the Tigers credit, they were able to run the ball much better against Alabama than I thought they’d be able to do and all afternoon long they withstood one body blow after another. 

Then they posted the greatest ending in college football history. 

I’ve been writing on it for a couple of weeks now, but if Auburn goes 12-1 with a lone loss at LSU in September — a place where I truly believe only Alabama would win this year and the Tigers are 31-1 in their last 32 — isn’t the Tiger resume more impressive than any other?

The Tigers would have beaten two top five teams in back-to-back weekends and would represent the nation’s toughest conference. The same conference, by the way, that boasts seven straight national titles. 

In order to be the champ, you’ve got to beat the champ.

And right now the SEC is the unquestioned champion of college football.  

2. Alabama

The Crimson Tide choked away the game at Auburn. Three missed field goals under 44 yards, a missed 57 yarder on the final play that was returned for a touchdown, stopped on 4th down late in the fourth quarter because you didn’t trust your kicker to end the game, the 2013 Iron Bowl was a comedy of errors for Nick Saban.

In fact, the Iron Bowl looked an awful lot like the first 2011 Alabama-LSU game, when Alabama frittered away chance after chance until LSU finally stole away the game. 

But do I still believe that Nick Saban’s Alabama team would beat every team in the country in the BCS title game with a month to prepare?


3. Florida State

With South Carolina’s two touchdown win over Clemson, FSU now doesn’t have a single top ten BCS win and boasts only one top 25 BCS win. 

What’s more, FSU’s strength of schedule is worse than Ohio State’s this year. 

Last night I was willing to overlook this fact when I Tweeted out my preliminary top seven, but this morning, I’m not. 

There’s no way that FSU deserves to be number one against this schedule. 

So why isn’t anyone asking the obvious question, if a team goes undefeated in the nation’s fifth best conference, a conference that’s 3-13 in BCS bowl games, why is everyone coronating them to play for the title?

I have FSU higher rated than Ohio State because the Seminoles have beaten the teams on their junior varsity schedule by a more substantial margin, but when you play in the weak ass ACC — the nation’s fifth best conference — and then supplement that weak ass schedule with Nevada, Idaho, and Bethune-Cookman out of conference, we’re talking about an awful collection of opponents.

Should you be able to back your way into a title game without playing any truly good teams all season?

Especially when your quarterback, a player worth nearly two touchdowns according to oddsmakers, is currently being investigated for rape? 

4. Missouri

The Tigers have played one bad quarter of football all year long. 

Up 17-0 against South Carolina when the 4th quarter began, the Gamecocks got hot, converted a 4th and 15 for an overtime touchdown, and swept out of Columbia with a win after Mizzou missed a 24 yard field goal in overtime.

Even still, at 11-1, Mizzou now has a shot to knock off Auburn and make its case for a BCS title berth as well.  

5. Ohio State

The Buckeyes gave up over 600 yards of offense and 41 points to Michigan, a team that now has five losses on the season. 

After two full seasons as head coach of the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer has still not played a top 15 team and Ohio State hasn’t even played a top ten in the regular season team since 2009. The Buckeyes haven’t beaten a top ten team in the regular season since 2006.  

Yes, these stats are real. (I’m using the AP poll rankings for this data, FYI). 

With Wisconsin’s loss to Penn State, it’s possible that Ohio State will be without a single top 25 BCS win this regular season.

Boy, Michigan State could really simplify things by beating the Buckeyes this weekend.  

6. South Carolina

The only team in the country with three top 18 BCS wins. 

The Gamecocks beat Missouri on the road and Central Florida on the road, otherwise these two teams would still be undefeated 

Then last night the Gamecocks hammered Clemson for the fifth straight year. 

If South Carolina hadn’t choked away a game at Tennessee, the Gamecocks would be playing Auburn for the SEC title and have a legitimate argument for the BCS title. 

7. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are rolling right now.

Without that collapse at West Virginia, the BCS would really have a mess up top.  

Next weekend Oklahoma comes to town and if Mike Gundy’s boys can beat the Sooners, a Fiesta Bowl berth looms.

But that’s as high as the stakes can become for Oklahoma State.  

8. Baylor

The Bears survived against TCU and now gets Texas on the final Saturday of the season. 

Win and an 11-1 Baylor probably deserves a BCS bowl bid. 

The problem?

The bowls still don’t pick the best teams they pick the teams that will sell the most tickets. 

So 11-1 Baylor’s probably left on the sidelines. 

9. Michigan State

The Spartans have posted an 11-1 record, but the lone loss is to an 8-4 Notre Dame team. 

But Sparty can clear up BCS uncertainty by beating Ohio State this weekend. 

Every single person in America who is not an Ohio State fan will be rooting for them. 

10. Stanford

The Pac 12’s best team beat Notre Dame to put a capstone on a good regular season. 

Now comes a road rematch against Arizona State.

Does Stanford have what it takes to take down the Sun Devils a second time.

We’ll see. 

SEC Power Rankings:

1. Auburn

Gus Malzahn is 7-1 in his first season in the SEC. The other three first year coaches are a combined 2-22. (Both wins are from Butch Jones). 

2. Alabama

For the first Saturday since the Texas A&M game, it’s low tide. 

3. Mizzou

An Auburn vs. Missouri SEC title game would have paid 1 million to 1 in Las Vegas. (Note: that’s a made up stat, but still…) 

4. South Carolina

Steve Spurrier has now won ten regular season games in three straight years with the Gamecocks. 

That’s downright extraordinary. 

Only Bear Bryant has a better SEC coaching resume than Steve Spurrier. 

5. LSU

LSU notched the most Les Miles win possible against Arkansas. 

The Tigers took possession with three minutes remaining, trailing against a much weaker opponent and with a true freshman quarterback who had only attempted three passes in his career under center.

Oh, and the Tigers needed a 99 yard touchdown drive to win. 

What happened?

A 99 yard touchdown drive. 

6. Georgia

The Bulldogs came back from a twenty point deficit to beat Georgia Tech in double overtime. 

For the first time in four years, Aaron Murray wasn’t the quarterback. 

7. Texas A&M

Kevin Sumlin’s committed for a new six year deal. 

Here’s a bet, it won’t take him nearly that long to fix the Aggie defense. 

The golden age of Aggie football is about to begin. 

8. Vanderbilt

James Franklin posted back-to-back eight win seasons at Vandy. 

Now the only question is this — will USC or Texas come calling?

If so, I think Franklin would leave and I think he’d win big at both places. 

9. Ole Miss

Yes, yes, I know that Ole Miss just loss to Mississippi State. 

But these are power rankings for the entire season. 

And Ole Miss posted a better 12 game season than State did.

Ole Miss also beat Vandy, but Vandy posted a better 12 game season than Ole Miss.  

10. Mississippi State

Congrats to Dan Mullen on posting a 6-6 record. 

Now let’s give him a ten year extension!

11. Tennessee

Vol fans are ready for signing day to get here. 

Right now UT has the number two recruiting class in the nation. 

Which is the biggest win of the season by far.

12. Florida

It’s a sign of how far the Gators have fallen that they lost by thirty at home to Florida State and most Florida fans thought, “You know, we actually didn’t play that bad.”

13. Arkansas

Positive: your near win at LSU gets you out of the SEC cellar. 

Negative: your team didn’t win a conference game for the first time since World War II. 

14. Kentucky

Things can only get better for Mark Stoops in Lexington, right?


And if not at least it’s basketball season now.

Written by Clay Travis

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