Outkick’s Top 30 Markets For 2017

2017 was an incredible year for Outkick, the most dominant in the company and site’s existence.

We had millions of monthly readers, viewers, and listeners across a variety of media outlets. On radio Outkick the Coverage finished 2017 with nearly 300 AM/FM stations nationwide and satellite on Sirius and XM our morning. And ratings surged in that medium at a time when sports radio ratings were collapsing everywhere else.

We added in millions of podcast listens a month for the radio show and Outkick the Show, my daily Periscope and Facebook Live show.

And Outkick the Show cemented its audience on Periscope and Facebook, producing millions of viewers every month.

In addition to radio, Facebook, and Periscope millions of people read the site as well.

And, oh by the way, tens of millions watched me on Fox News and CNN as well.

We’re in the process of hammering out several year long Outkick advertising deals for 2018, which is poised to be our biggest year ever. As always, I make all advertising decisions myself and we limit the number of companies we will work with so if you’re interested in connecting your company’s brand with Outkick across all our mediums you can email me at claytravis@gmail.com.

Why was Outkick so dominant in 2017? Because of you guys. You are the tip of the spear, the word of mouth that has turned me from a guy who dreamed of having a hundred people read my articles to one where it’s very common for millions of people in a single day to now interact with our content across all our platforms.

Back in 2011, when I started Outkick, I began posting our yearly reader data because I was curious where you guys were coming from. And that trend continues now in 2017.

So where were our biggest markets for the year? Here you go: (note these are raw number, not per capita)

1. Nashville

2. Atlanta

3. Houston
4. Dallas
5. Chicago
6. New York City
7. Birmingham
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Los Angeles
10. Knoxville
11. Charlotte
12. Memphis
13. Austin
14. Orlando
15. St. Louis
16. San Francisco
17. Seattle
18. Indianapolis
19. Kansas City
20. Boston 
21. Columbus
22. New Orleans
23. Denver 
24. Phoenix
25. Philadelphia
26. Detroit
27. Omaha
28. Louisville
29. Cincinnati
30. San Antonio


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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