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We are now 35-35 on the year, squarely at .500 halfway through the college football season. This is the time when lesser men would retrench, take a smaller swing, pull out the three wood and lay up instead of taking a big swing and sending the golf ball as far down the fairway as you possibly can.

But I, good friends, am not lesser men.

I’m Clay Fucking Travis.

And Clay Fucking Travis doesn’t run in fear like some effeminate half-man SJW employed by MSESPN. I go big and keep shooting because, after all, shooters shoot.

Which is why we’re going 18-0 this week.

Yep, 18 and motherfucking 0.

I’m bringing out the helicopter dick and twirling it around like a lasso.

Let’s get rich boys and girls.

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Clemson at Syracuse +21, the over 55 (Now -22.5, 56.5)

Remember our old friend at Bowling Green, Dino Babers? He’s now the coach at Syracuse and the offense is starting to score some points up in New York too.

The Orange are going to put 21 or more on Clemson, but they are going to give up 40 or more. Simple math tells me we start off Friday 2-0.

And maybe, just maybe, Syracuse is on the way to being our new Bowling Green.

Washington State -15.5 at Cal, the over 53 (Now -14 and 53.5)

Cal has lost to Oregon by 24 and Washington by 31 in the past two weeks.

Now we get Luke Falk, who is on fire, going up against a defense that can’t stop anyone and suddenly the line is just two touchdowns and the over/under is only 53?

Washington State is going to score 40 or more and Cal is going to score 20 or more.

That’s an easy cover and an easy over.

Mike Leach flat out gets it done for the Outkick crew.

Honestly, I feel like this Friday night quad of picks is stealing. We’re all going to be 4-0 before we even wake up on Saturday.

Texas Tech +7 at West Virginia (Now Texas Tech +3.5)

There are two things Kliff Kingsbury is good at: 1. Fucking anybody he wants to, including my wife and your wife 2. Covering.

Texas Tech has covered every game so far this year and, amazingly, this line opened at 7. Now it has plummeted down to 3.5, which is more dicey, but still a good number.

Did you know the over/under in this game is 79?!


That’s unbelievable.

Rather than sit there trying to type in calculations to figure out whether or not you’re on pace to hit the over, why not just go ahead and take my buddy Kingsbury and cash the easy check?

Texas +9.5 vs. Oklahoma (Now Oklahoma -7.5)

Tom Herman is a covering fiend as an underdog in big games. And Oklahoma has regressed in the past two weeks. So how in the world could you bet Oklahoma as over a touchdown favorite in a rivalry game this big?

Last year I was at this game hanging out with Brian Bosworth and Vince Young, this year I’m going to be in my house counting all the money I’m making on the Longhorns this week.

Hook ’em — and cover.

Ohio State at Nebraska +24 (Now Nebraksa +24)

Here’s the big question — can Nebraska avoid throwing pick sixes? Because if they can I think they cover with ease. If they throw the pick sixes, I think this game is a mess for Cornhusker fans and those of us on Nebraska _24.

Ohio State has kicked us right in the teeth the past two weeks as easy covers as massive favorites. My thought is now Ohio State is overvalued given that Nebraska hasn’t lost a game yet by more than three touchdowns.

I think the Cornhuskers come out and score early and hang on to only lose by 17.

Which means we cash a check. 

Arkansas at Alabama -29 (Now Alabama -30)

Did you hear Nick Saban after the Texas A&M game? Much of college football betting is assessing how a coach feels and Nick Saban was furious that his team didn’t blow out Texas A&M when they were up 24-3 and driving late in the third quarter with the football.

That was when he wanted his team to put the boot right on the throat and end all doubt. Instead, to the Aggies credit, they made the game competitive and got an easy cover.

But that works to Arkansas’s disadvantage here because when Saban is mad the result ain’t pretty. Just ask Ole Miss.

I predict pain for Arkansas, lots of pain, particularly for quarterback Austin Allen, assuming, that is, he even plays.

Bama by 100.  

Missouri at Georgia -28, the under 57 (Now Georgia -30.5 and 57)

Georgia is the third best team in college football and Missouri is just not ready yet in year two under Barry Odom. (I actually like Odom and believe he walked into a disaster of a job and needs time to right the ship there.) Conversely Kirby Smart walked right into a great spot at Georgia and has made it even better.

I just don’t see Georgia giving up hardly any points in this game.

The final is 42-10 Bulldogs, which means you hit the cover and the under.

Purdue +16.5 at Wisconsin, the over 51 (Now Purdue +16.5 and 51)

I’m going to be honest with you, this is a bet made entirely on faith in Jeff Brohm.

I have been watching Brohm’s teams play as part of my research in the event Tennessee fires Butch Jones and I love what I see on the offensive side of the ball. Meanwhile Wisconsin is also rolling so I see the over hitting with ease here.

But I believe Purdue keeps the margin around ten points for the entire game.

Meaning — it’s a double win for you guys. 

Texas A&M +5.5 at Florida, the under 52.5 (Texas A&M +3 and 52.5)

This is a massive game for both Kevin Sumlin and Jim McElwain because the loser will be squarely on the hot seat. And I just think Florida is way overvalued here because I have zero faith in their offense. A&M has proven they can score in bunches, but Florida has proven they can’t score at all.

Given that fact I think Florida dictates pace and tempo and we see another low scoring slugfest in the Swamp.

And I like A&M not just to cover, but to win outright thanks to a huge special teams play from Christian Kirk, who is due to explode.

Gig’em and the under. 

Auburn -4 at LSU, the over 44.5 (Now Auburn -7 and 44.5)

College football is often about momentum and right now Auburn’s offense has incredible momentum, having scored 40 or more in three straight SEC games. The Gus Bus is rolling, baby!

I don’t see this success changing on the bayou, even at night and I think Auburn posts at least 31 at LSU.

Meanwhile the Tigers score an anemic 17.

That’s a 14 point Auburn win and an over as well. (Plus, if things go really well for Auburn they might cover this over by themselves).

Boom, this is my Saturday night special, boys and girls, a double blood bank guarantee that will hopefully see you spending the night in the arms of a girl from Louisiana who will turn to you, buxom breasts heaving and ask, “How do you have all this money to spend at the bar?”

And you will say. “Thanks to Clay Motherfucking Travis, the King Solomon of the Internet.”

Tennessee -2 over South Carolina, the under 48.5 (Now Vols -3 and 49)

This is going to be one of the ugliest games you have ever seen and the Vols are going to find a way to win 21-17.

That gets you the cover and the under with ease.

Breaking in a new quarterback Tennessee is going to lean on the run and as long as Tennessee doesn’t turn the ball over a bunch of times South Carolina doesn’t have the offensive firepower to make a ton of big plays and rain down points on the Vols.

Boom, there you have it, another double win.

That’s it, we’re going 18-0 this weekend, boys and girls.

Get rich.




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Written by Clay Travis

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