Outkick’s College Football Top Ten For Week 13 2017


It was a crazy Saturday and it left me making wholesale changes to my Outkick top ten that will doubtlessly leave many of you apoplectic.

But before we get to that…

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Here we go with the Outkick Top Ten.

1. Georgia

I know, I know some of you are going to say this is crazy, but just look at the resume. They have wins over nine FBS opponents — Georgia Tech and Notre Dame out of conference and seven SEC teams — and their only loss is to Auburn on the road.

That’s more FBS wins than any other one loss team.

What’s more, they’ve won ten of those games by double digits and the Notre Dame win came on the road in South Bend.

Now that the season is complete and we aren’t just focusing on the November loss at Auburn, isn’t Georgia’s 11-1 resume better than any other team’s in the country? I think so.

2. Clemson

The 11-1 Tigers lost to Syracuse on the road, which is a much worse loss than any of the other teams with one loss in the country right now.

But they also have the best win, against Auburn from back in September.

So I’ve got the Tigers as the second best overall resume in the country right now.

3. Auburn

I know, I know, they beat Georgia dadgummit!

But they also lost on the road to LSU and lost to Clemson on the road too.

If they only had one of these losses I’d probably have Auburn above Georgia, but I’m trying to look at the totality of the resume now, not just one game.

And the totality of Auburn’s resume is not as good as the totality of Georgia’s resume right now.

But you know what? They get to settle this once and for all in Atlanta on Saturday. The winner is in the playoff and the SEC champion.

4. Oklahoma

The Sooners are 11-1 and would be in the playoff if the season ended today.

They have great road wins at Ohio State and at Oklahoma State and they beat TCU as well. That’s three quality resume building wins.

The loss is at home to Iowa State, which isn’t ideal, but is forgivable.

But here’s the problem — they have a totally unnecessary title game still to play against TCU.

5. Alabama

The Tide lost at Auburn and played awful in that game.

Honestly, Jalen Hurts was flat out atrocious.

But Alabama would still be favored over every team in college football on a neutral field. And guess where the playoffs are played?

On neutral fields.

Plus, 11-1 Alabama has had a tougher schedule and better wins than undefeated Wisconsin. So I’ve got them slotted at the five spot.

6. Wisconsin

The Badgers have only beaten one team presently ranked in the top 25 — Northwestern.

Even worse than that, they’ve only played one team that will be ranked in the present top 25 on Sunday — Northwestern.

They played just four teams with winning records all season. Northwestern, Michigan, Iowa, and FAU. Alabama played six teams with winning records.

7. Miami

The Hurricanes needed to beat Clemson to make the college football playoff.

And, guess what, they still need to beat Clemson to make the college football playoff.

Nothing much has changed.

8. Ohio State

Buckeye fans are going to be angry, but who would you jump them over at this point? You beat an 8-4 Michigan team you were favored to beat by double digits.

You lost at home by 15 to our number four team and you lost by 31 to a 7-5 Iowa team.

Against teams with a winning record you have gone 4-2 this year. (Those four wins are against Army, Michigan State, Penn State and Michigan).

Honestly, Penn State probably has a better resume if it weren’t for the head-to-head tight loss.

9. Penn State  

The Nittany Lions have to be kicking themselves.

But for a road loss at Michigan State — or a double digit collapse at Ohio State in the fourth quarter — Penn State would be back in the Big Ten title game against Wisconsin playing for a trip to the playoff.

Instead Penn State is 10-2 and left on the outside looking in.

10. USC

The Trojans will be favored over Stanford in the Pac 12 title game.

But no matter what happens in this game the biggest story in the Pac 12 will still be Chip Kelly to UCLA.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.