OutKick The Tailgate: Is Tennessee A Bad Football Team? Let’s Discuss

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OutKick The Tailgate‘s Chad Withrow, Jill Savage, and Jonathan Hutton played Fact or Fiction on whether Tennessee is a bad football team.

Fact or Fiction: Tennessee is Not a Good Football Team

Hutton said this is fiction — the team is good and has exceeded his expectations.

“Josh Heupel is a really good game day coach,” Hutton said. “… Do they have deficiencies across their roster? Absolutely. … But from the head coaching perspective, I like what I’ve seen from Josh Heupel’s first year on Rocky Top.”

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Withrow agreed this was fiction, saying that Tennessee is a good team. He said under former head coach Jeremy Pruitt, the team was never defined as anything and was missing identity.

“We know what Tennessee is now,” Withrow said. “They have an identity. They are going to score quickly, they are going to snap the ball every three seconds. That identity gives Tennessee something.”

Withrow said that identity gives Tennessee something.

Is Tennessee a destination for recruits under Heupel? Hutton says that is still to be determined.

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Watch the video below to hear their comments:

What do you think?

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