Trump: China Owes The Entire World Reparations

The lab leak theory has gone viral, and former President Donald Trump thinks China should suffer financially for originating the pandemic.

"As far as China is concerned, they should pay us reparations for the damage they've caused, and frankly, for the damage they've caused the world," Trump said Tuesday during his appearance on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. "Now, they don't have enough money to do that. They don't have nearly enough money to pay for the damages.

"But they should pay us $10 trillion, they should pay the world a lot. But we took a tremendous hit, and because of what we did, and because I came up with the vaccine in nine months instead of ... I did it in less than nine months, it was supposed to be ... five years, three years ... but by that time, everybody would have been dead. If I didn't do that, this would have been another Spanish Flu of 1917, where perhaps 100 million people died."

For the full Trump interview, check out our post on his appearance here, or Clay's recap here (and below).

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