The NBA is Taking Billions of Dollars From Modern-Day Nazis

From Monday's Outkick the Show...

A lot of people ask why they should care about what the NBA is doing with China.  Here’s why you should care:

The NBA is taking of billions of dollars from modern-day Nazis.

Historical analogies rarely directly correlate but if you had to say which world power right now which is most like the Nazis of the 1930s, the answer would be China.

They have Muslims in concentration camps. They have forced slave labor. They have no basic human rights. They are a totalitarian regime which is expanding their influence around the globe and just took-over Hong Kong.

They are pulling books out of the Hong Kong library because they consider it to be a violation of China’s authority.

They have also made it a crime for anyone to talk positively about the Hong Kong protestors around the world.

If you leave China and come to the United States and say something positive about the Hong Kong protestors and then go back to China, they will arrest you.

The NBA likes to talk about being on “the right side of history.”

They are on the wrong side of history right now on the biggest issue confronting the NBA.  It is what is going on in China.

Are we in favor of basic human rights?  Or are we going to allow China’s authoritarian brand of communist totalitarianism to take over the world instead of the U.S. vision?

China has got us all fighting internally in the United States — Democrats, Republicans, Independents all throwing punches at each other while they are taking over Hong Kong.

China’s release and inability to stop and be honest with the coronavirus is far more devastating economically to the United States and other Western democracies but the United States - in particular - has been more harmed by the coronavirus than we ever were with the Nazis.

Let me repeat: The U.S. has been more harmed by the coronavirus — which China allowed to come to our shores and did not stop it in it’s country — than we ever were by the Nazis in the U.S.

Historical analogies are not perfect. But effectively what the NBA is doing is they are taking money from our modern day version of Nazis — the Chinese — and they are doing it to subvert American values.

The NBA won’t allow you to put Free Hong Kong on a jersey that you buy in the United States. But they will allow you say “fuck the police.”

Think about that. You can’t say Free Hong Kong on a jersey in the United States but you can say “fuck the police.”

The NBA is working for Chinese propaganda. Everything that they are saying they are putting on the jerseys in the NBA will be used as propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party to argue to the Chinese people — look things are not very good in America, this is what happens with democracy, it fails.

The United States is in a Cold War with China even though most citizens haven’t recognized it.

And the NBA is taking China’s side in exchange for money.  It is a massive deal. The NBA is not alone. There are a lot of companies out there doing this. ESPN / Disney, Apple.

We have to start to stand up to China. If I were president right now, I would cancel all outstanding debt over the coronavirus.  I would pull all the manufacturing jobs that I could out of China and put them into other countries — certainly anything that is important we need to make in America.

A lot of you don’t remember what it was like when the U.S. was in a Cold War with Russia. People have gotten fat and lazy in the U.S. They don’t realize we have an enemy in China and they are filling of our social media with hate.

They are trying to make us fight with each other so they don’t notice what they are doing.  The coronavirus, taking over Hong Kong, the South China sea, and they want to take Taiwan.

And the NBA is an important metaphor because of the Daryl Morey tweet for why we need to stand up to China and why we can’t allow our American sports leagues to become communist propaganda like we are allowing right now.

Moreover, we have Adam Silver and Lebron James bending the knee to China.

Think about this, Adam Silver said we express mutual express to China and no one talked about it.

No one mentioned it in the media.

Mutual respect. What does Adam Silver respect? Democracy book burnings?  Concentration camps?  Does he respect a lack of basic human rights and freedoms?

There is no reason to respect China at all.  They are a totalitarian dictatorship which has no respect for us. we should have no respect for them.  This is why the NBA matters.

We can just shut up and dribble, take money from China, and then claim that you are social justice warriors when you are ripping down American institutions in our country.