Stephen Jackson Was Supposed to Have Matured; Sadly, He's Gone Backwards

Stephen Jackson was supposed to be a voice of social justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

He was supposed to have matured and not be the guy who got into the fight in the Malice in the Palace, not be the guy who fired a handgun outside of a strip club.

Instead, Stephen Jackson hopped on Instagram and said Jews own all the money in the banks and also no NFL owners have said anything about the murder of George Floyd.

Both of those things are, obviously and stupidly, not true.

Yet, Stephen Jackson continues to endorse the Desean Jackson statements and said Jackson didn’t say anything wrong at all.

Someone explain to me how you can be a member of a social justice organization, ostensibly. A leader of the organization in the athletic field and not condemn anti-semitism.

It’s worse than not condemning — remember silence is complicity? He wasn’t even silent, he said I support what Desean Jackson said.

All of this is a sham. It’s a house of cards.  It is a complete, woke pyramid that would collapse — and should collapse — if you clap your hands aside it because there is no substance, consistency, or legitimacy to it.

It is not about trying to make the world a better place, it’s about trying to be a victim.