Sorry Redskins Fans, Dan Snyder Ain't Going Anywhere

From the July 17 Outkick the Show.

Redskins.  So, some of you know this. In my prior life, I was a lawyer who investigated sexual harassment claims.

I would come into a company when someone made a claim, interview everybody, write up a report for the company to try to figure out if it was true.

What I look at from the Washington Redskins’ perspective is, I’ve been involved in investigations like these.

It appears that the five people involved in inappropriate behavior with the Redskins are no longer there.

And that Dan Snyder is not directly connected to any misbehavior itself.

As that appears to be the case, I don’t see how the NFL can force out Dan Snyder.

I think he needs to clean-up the culture inside the Redskins organization and he also needs to win a few more football games.

Compare it to Mark Cuban. The NBA allowed Mark Cuban to keep his team what was an infinitely worse situation inside of the Mavericks.

This is not analogous to the Jerry Richardson situation with the Carolina Panthers because Jerry Richardson himself was involved.

I think what’s going to happen here is Dan Snyder is going to clean house some. But ultimately he is going to continue to own this team as we go forward and I’m not sure that there is any additional impact.

I do think that this factored in with the decision by Dan Snyder to change the name of the Redskins.

He knew the story was coming, he knew he was under assault over the Redskins’ name.

And he decided he couldn’t fight a two-front war, and so he decided to go ahead and change the name.