Shocker: Murder Rate Skyrockets When Police Are Defunded

Who could have ever predicted this?

The murder rate is skyrocketing in cities where there were the most aggressive and active protests in the country: New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago.

The murder rate is skyrocketing in those locations.  The rate of shootings is skyrocketing is those locations.

Do you know why?  Because they defunded the police.

It was so evident what was going to happen. 

When you take away money from police and when you take police off the street, the murder rate and the shooting rate will go up immediately.

This is not complicated. This is not difficult. It is insanely easy to follow.

The people who are dealing with it the most are black. The murder rate among black people skyrockets as soon as you take police off the street.

You want to protest and say Black Lives Matter and then you take away police which means Black Lives Matter protests are going to lead to more black deaths.

The data is clear. Everyone who has a functional brain knew this was going to happen.

Police save lives. The mainstream media focuses on the errors that police make.

No one is perfect. When police make errors and behave in a criminal fashion, they should be prosecuted.

Think about what the mainstream media told us during the protests.

Even as we watched riots take place, the media said most protestors were peaceful.

Yet, the media also said all police were bad.

You can’t judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a handful.

You have to look at actual data and the data was clear.

This is why I don’t think Joe Biden should be criticized for supporting Bill Clinton’s agenda in the 1990s which put more police on the streets.

More police on the streets save lives. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic.

Police save lives.  When we only focus on their misbehavior, we miss all of the lives that they save and right now you are seeing what is happening with fewer police on the streets.

The bad guys win and minorities, particularly black people, bear the brunt of the pain of a rise in shootings and murders.

Real data. Real data that matters. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to live in a world right now where it doesn’t appear that facts matters if they hurt peoples’ feelings.

The only thing that matters is facts, facts, facts.  Our show is skyrocketing. Our site is skyrocketing because of the facts. The real facts. Period.

Coronabros don’t like when facts are shared.