If An NBA Player Supports Not Killing The Police, It's Considered Controversial

James Harden yesterday wore a Blue Lives Matter mask.

Supporters of police started the hashtag a few years ago. And they have their own version of masks.

James Harden wore one last night and NBA Twitter lost its mind over the idea that a player might believe that police officer lives matter.

Think about how crazy that is.

James Harden is trending on Twitter. The NBA media, the same NBA media that hasn’t been able to ask any players about China suddenly came to life.

The minute a player wears a Blue Lives Matter mask, the NBA media swarms him about if he really cared about the lives of police.

Think about how crazy this is in the world of media.

If an NBA player supports police lives, that is considered unacceptable by NBA fans on social media.

Think about how crazy this is.

An NBA player who is saying, I don’t want police to die. I support them.

That is considered unacceptable by NBA Twitter.

This is insane.

James Harden said he wasn’t trying to send a message, he said he just liked the mask.

I would have loved to see the reaction if Harden said he was a believer of police and that he wanted them to be safe because they are saving far more lives than they are causing deaths.

We need to stop demonizing police in this country, we gotta let them do their jobs, we gotta let them protect lives: white, black, Asian, and Hispanic.

Some police are bad and they should be punished. Just like some people are bad and they should be punished for it.

But this idea that NBA players can support police and it's considered an unacceptable position is pure insanity. That boggles my mind.

We should all be supporting police. Just like we should be supporting innocent people who don’t deserve to be victims of police.

I don’t know how this is an unacceptable opinion. It’s the opinion of the vast majority of the people in the U.S.

Most police do a fabulous job protecting our lives across the country. Some police do not.

The tiny minority of the police who abuse the power they are given and take it out on innocent people, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

At the same time, we shouldn’t be demonizing the vast majority of police who are out there every day saving tens of thousands of lives in this country.

If you doubt me, look at the shooting rates in Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles. All of these cities are seeing skyrocketing shooting rates as police have been demonized.

We know what happens when people defund the police. Murders increase. And the people who are being murdered are overwhelmingly minority.

This is frustrating to me that we are basically going back in time.

Bill Clinton was a Democrat and realized that if you put more police on the street, there will be more lives saved. He was correct.

Taking away police is 100% going to lead to death. And it is most likely going to lead to minority deaths. Because that’s the vast majority of people who are being killed in this country.

This is completely lunacy.