Get Ready, We're About to be Overloaded With Sports

Big win yesterday for Patrick Mahomes. Big win for the NFL. Big win for capitalism. America gets better every single day, every single week, every single month.

To that end, sports are coming back very soon. Tomorrow, the MLS should be underway. By the end of the month, NBA and Major League Baseball are back.

Hockey is coming back. The NHL has reached an agreement on an extension of its CBA and they will be back as well.  I believe August 1 is the return date. They are playing in two different Canadian cities.

We are going to be overloaded with sports by late-July. I told you all these leagues were going to come back.

There have been a lot of people out there — pessimists — who said we would never have sports again until there is a vaccine.

I was right. The losers and the pessimists were wrong.

Welcome back sports!