Gas Nearly $10 In One New York Town; New Highs Hit Nationally

Gas prices have more than doubled under President Joe Biden's administration. The price for a gallon of gas has doubled since Biden took office in January 2021.

The average price for a gallon of gas nationwide was approximately $2.39 on Jan. 20, 2021, according to AAA. But as of Saturday, the price for a gallon of gas has skyrocketed to $4.81, up five cents from Friday.

The New York Post reports that a Chevron station in Mendocino, California, was charging $9.60 a gallon for regular gas on Friday afternoon — more than $3 a gallon above the state average of $6.30, and $4.78 higher than the national average of $4.82, per AAA.

While the Mendocino Chevron isn't the only gas station charging more than the national average — with one LA station charging over $8 as of Friday — other's states are doing the same thing.

The Post reports that prices have also surged in New York, where AAA shows the statewide average has hit $4.851. The average price for a gallon of gas in all boroughs — except Staten Island — topped $5 as of Saturday morning.

OutKick founder Clay Travis said that as gas prices are at an all-time high, things don't look like they will be changing any time soon.

"Joe Biden is reportedly traveling to Saudi Arabia, which he called a pariah state, to beg for them to produce more gas so that the price of a gallon of gas will go down," Travis said. "I filled up my car yesterday, set another all-time high for what those gallons of gas cost. This, it feels like, is never going to actually end as we go forward. The situation in Saudi Arabia. Joe Biden evidently ending the pariah state allegations and now going on bended knee back to Saudi Arabia as the Saudis likely thought would end up happening to beg for them to produce more."

Here's everything Clay Travis had to say: