ESPN Hiring Colin Kaepernick is the Best Thing Possible for Outkick

For a long time, ESPN tried to argue with Outkick that they weren’t MSESPN, they were not the People’s Republic of Sports, and they were not WokeCenter.

ESPN ended all doubt today when they announced the hiring of Colin Kaepernick.

ESPN is creating a hagiographic* documentary on Colin Kaepernick’s life.

It only gets better from here: It will be produced by Jemele Hill.

If you, for a second, wondered what kind of documentary this would be, the fact that Jemele Hill is producing it eliminates all uncertainty.

This is absolutely toxic for ESPN’s brand and they are going to find this out — again — the hard way.

Every few years they decide to be WokeCenter and then they get the results and they realize they’ve failed again.

They did it with the ESPYs this year — lowest rated ever with a drop of 81%. They did it with their social justice warrior night on ESPN a couple weeks ago. Lowest rated prime time broadcast of ESPN in over 25 years. 

And how they are doing it with Colin Kaepernick.

They are effectively trying to change the overall reputation of Colin Kaepernick through lies.

Remember it was Colin Kaepernick which made his refusal to stand for the national anthem all about the flag.

He said:"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Colin Kaepernick made his protest about the flag when he said he wasn’t going to stand up to show pride in a flag.

So, he is disrespecting the flag by his very intent.  That’s what Drew Brees said and then he had to apologize for some reason.

It’s like everyone has forgotten about this. Colin Kaepernick said directly it was about the flag. That was his quote. The day he refused to stand for the anthem, he directly said it was about the flag.

Remember, he also called Fidel Castro a hero. He said he wished America was like Cuba. He wore pig socks. He said the police were modern-day slave catchers. Two days ago, he said he refused to celebrate July 4.

This is a declaration of war from ESPN to all of the people who support their product. Liking sports is not enough. You also have to support woke left wing politics if you want to consume ESPN content.

That’s fine. That can be their business. It’s going to be a great boon for Outkick. Go sign up for VIP.  

This is a disastrous move for ESPN and here’s what they are going to do.

In a couple years, when Clay Travis is sitting on top of one of the greatest media businesses in all of sports, ESPN is going to come and try to hire them.

ESPN is going to come to them, hat in hand, and say you were right, we destroyed our business, we made a mistake by deciding to lean-in to Colin Kaepernick and WokeCenter and MSESPN.

They will see our business which will be on fire and they are going to come to Outkick begging for Clay and Jason to come work for them.

In the meantime, ESPN hiring Colin Kaepernick is the best thing to happen to Outkick.

Because if you are reasonable and not a “far-left wing America is awful” believer then there is no other source for you to get sports news but us.

ESPN, WokeCenter, and MSESPN can battle for the 25% of the public who wants sports media to be woke.

If you are the 75% who would prefer actual sports coverage, it’s Outkick. That’s where everyone is going to head.  

Congratulations WokeCenter.

*excessively flattering