Don't Be An Imbecile: Spring College Football Makes No Sense

One of the dumbest ideas starting to get traction with the woke idiot sports media on Twitter is the idea of spring college football.

Here are three reasons why spring college football is lunacy:

Point #1: If you're concerned with the coronavirus, there is no guarantee that things are going to be better in January, February, and March.

Actually, it is more likely that things will be worse because that is the height of cold and flu season. It makes no sense to postpone play when it is warm outside and when viruses are not spreading as much as in the colder months.

Point #2: If you're a top player, like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, why would you play if you're trying to go into the NFL? After all, January is when you start to train for the NFL Combine.

Why in the world would you go play a spring college football season and potentially risk your health right before you go into the NFL draft?  It makes no sense.  All of the top juniors and seniors would sit out if they are a first rounder or they think they might be a first rounder.

Point 3: With spring college football, you would have to play two seasons in a really short period of time. You play January, February, March, and April. You sit out a couple months and you are right back into it.

That's a tough turn to play two football seasons in the same calendar year. It's incredibly difficult and would likely lead to many more severe injuries.

Spring college football makes no sense. Anyone arguing for it, quite frankly, is an imbecile.