Desean Jackson Made Insanely Dumb Comments But Stop the Mob Mentality

Desean Jackson’s Instagram posts are anti-semitic and insanely dumb. Just next level dumb.

I read them and I couldn’t even conceive of what he was trying to argue or highlight or emphasize in any way.

They are stupid, next-level dumb. 

He has apologized. I understand that some of you disagree with me. But I believe we need to set the precedent that stupid comments on social media don’t deserve to have you fired.

Whether you are white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, gay, straight, religious, not religious, etc.

I think that is one of the big failures we have put in place with social media is the idea that you should get fired if you tweet something that is insanely dumb.

We don’t need to set that precedent.

That means, sometimes, that we forgive and show grace to people even when they are dumb.

The Eagles set the precedent years ago when they weren’t going to fire Riley Cooper for his stupidity.  It was early in the social media game — before mobs came after people as aggressively as they do now.

But I think we need to follow the precedent of not always immediately that someone get fired whether they are an athlete or a regular person when they say something that makes people upset on social media.

I would also point this out: How many more NFL players condemned Drew Brees for saying he wanted to stand for the national anthem than have condemned Desean Jackson for saying awfully anti-semitic comments.

It is interesting that the NFL universe was far more offended by Drew Brees saying that he believed it was disrespectful to not stand for the national anthem than for what Desean Jackson which is far more offensive and far more deragatory and directly attacks other people as opposed to sharing an opinion.

Interesting. I never thought Drew Brees should have apologized. I think Drew Brees was right. He should have never apologized. I think he said nothing wrong.

But it is interesting the way that this has been covered by the media and by NFL players.