Coronavirus Data in Texas & Florida Prove How Disastrous New York Handled Pandemic

From the July 20, 2020 Outkick The Show...

Coronavirus Update:  Forever we have heard the cases are going to surge if we open back up and the death rate is going to skyrocket. There are going to be a lot of New Yorks.

What we have seen so far is even though the cases have tripled, the deaths are not skyrocketing in Florida, Texas, or Arizona or anywhere else where the media is obsessed with the so-called Second Wave.

You need to go look at the data that I wrote about yesterday on Outkick.  It exposes the media’s lies and coverups with what happened in New York.

Florida and Texas are on track to have the same number of confirmed cases as the state of New York — which has more cases than anywhere in the country.

Yet, Texas and Florida will have 1/10th of the death rate of New York.

What happened in New York was an unmitigated disaster.  And I am hoping that having the stark realities put in front of the media where they look at total number of cases and the death rates.

Then they should recognize that Florida is 1/8th and Texas is about 1/13th of the death rate of New York.

It should be impossible to ignore the disaster that happened in the state of New York.

There is absolutely no way to defend the decisions that were made in New York by Andrew Cuomo.

The media has praised Cuomo to the high heavens. He made the most disastrous single decision of any politician in the 21st century when it comes to loss of life when he sent all of his patients back to nursing homes.

It is an indefensible decision that is now being exposed after comparing the death rate between the states.

It’s not just in the United States either.  New York and New Jersey have double the death of any other country in the entire world.

If New York had handled things like Texas and Florida did, it would basically be a flu outbreak.

Instead all of these governors followed the lead of Andrew Cuomo and in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, the death rates skyrocketed based on idiotic leadership by Andrew Cuomo and parroted by everyone else.

This isn’t my opinion.  This is 100% reflected in the actual data.

I don’t know why the media, by and large as a group, is so allergic to actual data.

The fear-porn forecast which has, time after time, not panned out totally led to a panic in New York.

The fear-porn expert forecast that they would need 140,000 beds. They turned the entire Javitz Center into a coronavirus hospital, they brought up the ship and they never needed to use it.

This was an unmitigated disaster and a failure of the highest magnitude.

Now we are starting to see a realization of how bad it was because we can compare direct case numbers in Florida and Texas with New York.

This is a huge story that should be the number one overall story in all of America as it pertains to the coronavirus.

It also calls into question all the Coronabros panic out there. They are screaming that cases are up and deaths will skyrocket.

It’s not happening because treatment is better and it’s not happening in nursing homes and many of the people are getting it now are young and they will be fine.

It has been a month now since the cases started to go up in a big way in Texas, Arizona, and Florida. And we haven’t seen any kind of skyrocketing New York-like death rate.

New York, according to their data right now, has a one percent death rate right now for their confirmed cases.

That means it’s probably .1 percent since the CDC said they are only catching about 1 in 10 of cases.

When you actually look at the data, Florida is sending a pretty strong message here that we don’t need to be concerned with the death rate of the coronavirus anymore even if the cases go up.

We need to be going back to school and back to work.  A one percent death rate among confirmed cases which is going down — under one percent — is a sign that the coronavirus is not the disaster that everyone wanted it to be.

It’s not the ultimate viral boogey man.

The data is important to follow and to put it into context even more, at it’s current rate at about 10,000 cases a day.  In order to equal the death rate in New York, Florida would need 300 straight days of 10,000 new cases in order to get there.

Texas would need over a year of the current infection rate to equal amount of percentage death as happened in New York.

Florida would need 300 straight days. All the way until Memorial Day of next year in order to get to the same level of death that New York racked up in March and April.

Why isn’t there an investigation going on into what happened in New York and New Jersey with that executive order requiring hospitals send patients to nursing homes?

It needs to be the number one story.

1/10th of the death rate as New York even as Florida and Texas approach the same amount of cases.

Also, by the way, Arizona, Texas, and Florida — based on hospitalization data — have begun to move past the peak.

In other words, the peak of infection appears to have already occurred.