Clay Travis: Harvard Charging Full Tuition For Online Courses is Lunacy

First of all, the idea of colleges not being back in the fall is pure lunacy. Every college should be back in the fall based on all the data.

College kids are more likely to be struck by lightning or die from the flu or pneumonia than the coronavirus.

If professors are old, let them stay home and they can teach remotely. But college kids need to be back on campus.

Harvard has announced that almost all students will be learning remotely.

Tuition is $49,000 a year and they are not cutting the tuition. 

Tuition is $49,000 per year and students will sit in front of a computer screen and still be charged the full price.  This is madness.

If I were a parent with a kid at Harvard, first I would be proud of the fact that they are at Harvard.

Secondly, even though I have the money to pay the tuition, I would step back and say this is crazy that they are expecting me to pay $49,000 for an online degree. Even at Harvard.

They are basically just extorting the money from me for the name of Harvard.

You are not gaining any of the huge benefits of college which typically come surrounded by other students. You learn more on a college campus than you do in a college classroom.

This is absolutely atrocious that colleges think they are going to get away with charging full tuition.  At most it should be half.

There is no way I would pay $49,000 at Harvard. I would suggest one of my kids take a gap year, travel around Australia or New Zealand or wherever and then go back to school eventually.