Clay: Rush Limbaugh, JJ Watt Free Agency, And More

There was only one Rush Limbaugh. People often had varying opinions of him, but what he was able to achieve as a voice in radio is rare.

During OutKick the Show on Wednesday, owner Clay Travis spoke on the importance of Limbaugh and his constant fight for free speech. Clay is a big believer in creating a marketplace of ideas, and not allowing cancel culture to silence opinions.

Limbaugh was a pioneer in that battle, and Clay recognizes that.

"There are relatively few people in all of radio that have been able to captivate audiences for as long as Rush Limbaugh did it," Clay said. "Today, he died at the age of 70. For decades, he dominated the airwaves in a monstrous way. Fighting what I believe is often the good fight on behalf of the First Amendment and the marketplace of ideas.

"Whether you agreed or disagreed with what he said, he did so in an incredibly powerful manner, and he furthered our national discourse in an important way."

Clay went on to talk about winning the battle of ideas and not trying to cancel everyone who disagrees with you. That is part of Limbaugh's legacy, regardless of how some may view him.

Clay didn't just talk about Limbaugh, though.

As always, he did a great job going back and forth between sports and politics. He touched on the Carolina Panthers' pursuit of Deshaun Watson, the future of Big Ben in Pittsburgh and JJ Watt's free agency experience.

On the political front, he also dove into the current dynamic between Democrats and Andrew Cuomo, as well as the Fordham women's basketball team having its season canceled, despite zero positive COVID tests.

It's definitely worth checking out.

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