Outkick the Show: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick situation in the NFL, with two current players calling Jay-Z a “sellout” after he joined forces with the NFL to promote causes related to social injustice issues. Colin Kaepernick, a half-black, half-white former NFL player, began kneeling during the national anthem to draw attention to police brutality in the African American community. The “purity” of the cause is starting to become an issue, similar to what happened in the French Revolution and in the Civil Rights Movement in America, said Travis.

Clay then commented on Odell Beckham Jr. and his quote featured in Sports Illustrated. According to SI, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver said “This wasn’t no business move,” he says. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.” Said Clay, “They didn’t give you life in prison, Odell. They didn’t place you in Ft. Leavenworth. You weren’t sent up the road to Shawshank. You were traded from one NFL team to another, where you’ll be paid $20 million a year to play football….” Added Travis, “I think the whole Cleveland Browns experiment in 2019 — which will be wildly entertaining to watch — could potentially become a complete and total dumpster fire.”

Clay also talked about Donald Trump’s decision to cancel his trip to Denmark after his desire to purchase Greenland fell through. It is Clay’s opinion that the United States and its economy are doing exceedingly well, and there is no real reason to join the far-left media’s narrative that we are all heading to hell in a hand-basket. And that President Trump is leading us there. Clay added, “While I wish that Donald Trump was a more articulate version of himself, he is a natural response to the insanity that is coming out of the left-wing.”

Finally, Clay brought up the contract situations the Dallas Cowboys are currently juggling with Dak Prescott, Jaylon Smith, and Zeke Elliott. After Elliott’s agent came out against Jones’ “Who’s Zeke?” comment to the press last week, Jones returned by saying he has earned the right to joke with Elliott. This, said Travis, is a loaded statement with much under the surface. “Zeke Elliott is overplaying his hand,” said Travis.

Written by OutKick Support