Outkick the Show: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis shared the most recent positive news on the coronavirus front.

Clay continued by commenting on the Governor of Pennsylvania, who largely failed in his handling of the coronavirus, got upset to the point of commenting on Ben Roethlisberger’s haircut. “This is a real comment by a real elected official in this country. He has not done a good job, he should not address this publicly, and he is a loser,” said Travis.

Clay also praised the NFL for shooting down the ‘draft picks for hires’ proposal which would reward teams for hiring minorities at high level positions. “This is insulting to minorities because it presumes there are no worthy candidates for these jobs without a bribe,” added Travis.

Clay then shared the English Premier League and their testing plan for the coronavirus. In a related comment, Clay shared the revealing statistic that zero deaths have occurred between the age of 18-22 in any Pac-12 state which justifies the call for the return of college football and other college sports as well.

Clay went on to discuss the leadership of Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, who is already leading workouts with his receiving corps. Said Travis, “This is what you get when you get Tom Brady: A tireless worker who is going to push the edge of the rules. He’ll push people, at times he’ll come across as a jerk, but he wins.”

Finally, Clay talked about Joe Rogan joining Spotify in his new career move. This, said Clay, could be on the scale of Howard Stern going to Satellite radio.

Written by OutKick Support