Outkick the Show: Tuesday, July 14, 2020

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis shared the most recent and underreported positive news on the coronavirus front.

Clay Travis then shared how the coronabros, led by Darren Rovell, continue to spend their waking hours lobbying for the end of college football because all of the other major sports in America have decided to actually look at the data and get back on the field.

Clay also commented on the NBA and their ongoing personalized jersey saga, discussed Derrick Henry’s contract situation, and shared the most recent developments regarding Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Clay then talked about the New York Times article slamming ESPN for their “racism,” which led to their panic and subsequent hiring of Colin Kaepernick, shared his thoughts about Bari Weiss and her revealing resignation letter to the New York Times, and concluded by sharing the skyrocketing murder rate in cities with the most protests due to their efforts to defund the police in their communities. “The murder rate is skyrocketing in cities where protests were the most aggressive and active in the country. Do you know why? Because they defunded the police. Everyone with a functional brain knew this was going to happen. Police save lives,” Clay said.

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  1. Love the take on the vaccine. There is a Dr. at Stanford who said months ago that to date, there has never been a successful corona virus vaccine; nothing for SARS, MERS or any other. There is no reason to believe we will have one that works for COVID. And to your point, if a vaccine is what we are waiting for, then why cant everyone who has tested positive resume normal activities?

  2. One virus has been eradicated by vaccine, in history. Smallpox. It took 18 years from the time the vaccine was introduced to achieve this. Those who believe we should suspend life until this flu is gone, are living in a fantasy world. Just like those who refuse to acknowledge actual mortality rates by demographic groups.

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