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OutKick the Show: Trump-Biden Battle Rages On, GOP Likely to Retain Senate, Election Analysis

Welcome back on this fantastic Wednesday from wherever you are in this great country and this great land.

Here are the topics Clay covers on the Wednesday, November 4, 2020 edition of OutKick the Show:

  • The Trump-Biden battle rages on
  • Republicans likely to retain the senate
  • Election analysis

What we’re reading:

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Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP


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  1. Yes, ‘voting’ is great.. in a fair election.

    Now, just like you did with the Big 10, Clay, you need to shine a big, bright light on

    Counting the votes is the most important part of the election! And anyone with a functioning brain can see that Biden couldn’t get a hundred people to show up for a rally, while Trump had thousands everywhere he went, all over the country!

    Trump had WAY more support this year – especially among Black, Asian and Hispanic voters – than four years ago, when he beat a far more formidable opponent that Biden/Harris.


    Are we about to have ‘the first woman President of the United States of America’??!

    TRAGIC. If we can’t fix this…

  2. It’s not even a question that fraudulent ballots changed the outcome of the election.

    One tranche of 23,000 ballots going 100% for Biden? Locking out poll watchers? The question should be who is behind it and in how many states. Whether it changed the outcome of an election or not is irrelevant.

    It is 2020 and we still have images of ballot counters in large rooms, like it is 1920. Ballot counting should be beyond partisan manipulation by now.

    • Flip a coin and have it turn up ‘tails,’ ten times in a row..
      Now flip that same coin, and watch it turn up ‘tails,’ 23,000 times in a row…

      This is not a ballgame where a bad call/no call by the ref turned a win into a loss.
      This is a little more important.

  3. They did covid.
    Election fraud is nothing in comparison – and they’re desperate. Can’t let Trump have another four years. The whole world knows what’s going on.
    Who will speak up?!
    As Clay said in, ‘Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump,’

    “In far too many cases, Democrats have bent to China’s will.

    We need to confront China like we confronted Russia during the Cold War.

    We need to break China and send the message to the rest of the world that their communism is not the route to prosperity and free thought. It hinders rather than expands world enlightenment.

    I believe Donald Trump will stand up to China more than Joe Biden will.

    If you doubt me, consider this: if Trump loses, there will be parties in the street in Iran and in China because China and Iran want the president to lose.”

    America needs a Joe Rogan – Alex Jones – Clay Travis – Tucker Carlson – Rush Limbaugh all out attack on these enemies within!! Our country is at stake…

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