Outkick the Show: Thursday, August 29, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis kicked off Week 1 of the college football season with three picks for Thursday night: Clemson over Georgia Tech (Georgia Tech at Clemson -35, now Clemson -37), the Bearcats over the Bruins (UCLA at Cincinnati -2.5), and the under with Utah at BYU (Utah-BYU under 48.5, now 48).

Clay also commented on former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo and his demand for $10 million a year after his contract with CBS ends at the end of this season. If CBS agrees to his demands, this would make him the highest paid sports media broadcaster of all time. If Romo leaves CBS, said Travis, ESPN would be all over Romo to fix Monday Night Football. 

Clay went on to discuss what appears to be the failed launch of of the ACC Network. Unless the network gets picked up, it is a big fat failure. 

Finally, Clay mentioned the arrest warrant issued on Los Angeles Laker DeMarcus Cousins on a domestic violence charge. The story broke on Bleacher Report while Clay was broadcasting Outkick the Show live on Facebook and on Periscope.

Written by OutKick Support