Outkick the Show: Monday, September 23, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the collapse of the Cleveland Browns, who are now, according to Travis, heading toward a 1-6 record. Clay then commented on Jim Harbaugh and his lackluster coaching career at the University of Michigan, the Georgia – Notre Dame game on Saturday, Auburn’s success and how the media is overlooking a strong team that is better than previously believed, the University of Tennessee Volunteers and their incompetency resulting in an unsurprising loss to the University of Florida, and the latest drama surrounding Antonio Brown.

Clay also offered his opinion on Jalen Ramsey of the Jacksonville Jaguars and his decision to call in sick on Monday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and his average performance against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, how Daniel Jones showed himself to be excellent while the media and the public chastised the New York Giants for choosing him as their number one draft pick in 2019, and finished by sharing his SEC power rankings for this week, his national top ten list in college football, as well as his current top 4 Heisman Trophy candidates with LSU quarterback Joe Burrow topping his list.


Written by OutKick Support