Outkick the Show: Monday, September 2, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis opened with the Auburn, Oregon game over the weekend. It is Clay’s opinion that Gus Malzahn’s play-calling in the last :16 seconds didn’t make sense. Clay estimated their kicker had an 80% chance to make a game-ending field goal and the passing play, albeit successful, was a bad decision. It was reckless, said Travis, and the decision could eventually affect Malzahn’s job stability.

Clay also bemoaned Tennessee’s shocking loss to Georgia Tech in Week 1 off the college football season. The loss hurt much less than numerous losses in UT’s past in basketball and in football during championship runs. This year’s football team, said Travis, isn’t very good and the loss is much less shocking and upsetting.

Clay then commented on the SEC power rankings, which are as follows:

1. Alabama

2. Georgia

3. LSU

4. Auburn

5. Florida

6. Texas A&M

7. Kentucky

8. Mississippi State

9. Vanderbilt

10. Arkansas

11. South Carolina

12. Ole Miss

13. Missouri

743. Tennessee

Clay also discussed his panic rankings in CFB after many surprising losses, particularly in the SEC.

1. Tennessee

2. Florida State

3. USC


5. Ole Miss

6. Purdue

7. South Carolina

8. Missouri

Clay talked about the impressive performance by Heisman hopeful Jalen Hurts of the Oklahoma Sooners against Houston. Clay sees “quarterback mojo” with Lincoln Riley that is unheard of, with Mayfield, Murray, and now Hurts with an incredible game over Houston. This sort of dominance hasn’t been seen since Steve Spurrier and his streak of incredible QBs in the 90’s.

Clay also commented on Justin Fields, quarterback of Ohio State, and his performance in Week 1 against Florida Atlantic. Fields came out on fire, said Travis, and then cooled off throughout the rest of the game. Ohio State’s upcoming game against Cincinnati might reveal just how good Fields and the Buckeyes might be this season, added Travis. But in Week 1 Fields looked fantastic.

Clay then discussed the status of Zeke Elliott and his holdout. It is Clay’s opinion that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is making a mistake by including the media in his efforts to negotiate a contract with Elliott. The contract must be in place for Elliott to be eligible for Zeke to play the first game of the season this coming Sunday against the New York Giants. It is, and has been Clay’s opinion that the Cowboys should hold their ground and see what Tony Pollard can do at running back. Prescott and Cooper still need to get paid, said Travis, and their contracts expire before Elliott’s.

Clay also talked about the comedy special featuring Dave Chappelle currently streaming on Netflix. It is an important program watch, said Travis, because it flies in the face of the “cancel culture” that has dominated social media as of late. Chappelle’s special offers a refreshing stance on our culture, and might help society reject the cancel culture by embracing Chappelle’s stance he articulates through the medium of humor.

Finally, Clay predicted Notre Dame will defeat Louisville tonight, and the gambling play is to take the under.

Written by OutKick Support